Platoon 142 - Raleigh Quetsoya Picture

Name: Raleigh 'Quetzle' Quetsoya

Country of Origin: Spain, Spanish and Jewish heritage. (Jewish by her mother's side, but a professed atheist.)

Birth Date: August 3rd

Age: 22

Type of Power: None

Type of Job: 'Hacker', researcher.

Specialization: Puzzles, breaking and entering, disarming safes, beta testing new security systems, prodding new technological discoveries and figuring out how they work.

Positives: Adaptable, upbeat, top of her graduating class, excellent multi-tasker, great deduction skills.

Negatives: Socially awkward, easily distracted, prone to severe mood swings, worse concept of personal space than Cassie.

Likes: Friends, Spaghetti, being active, playing with Rene, reverse engineering the handles in the Academy.

Dislikes: Quiet, long conversation, concentrating on any one thing for too long, closed-toe shoes of any kind.

Bad Habits: Touching things without asking, climbing on people she doesn’t know, being selfish at terrible times.

Favorite colors: No preference.

Hobbies: Puzzles, games, building card houses, speed fixing rubix cubes, nagging people to make her food.

Preferred outfits: Baggy old T-shirts, long cargo pants and loose, torn jeans, sandals and bare feet.

Preferred Weapons: Anything on hand. Dose not get into fights often, and is laughably bad at any kind of combat.

Interesting Notes: Raleigh is a post operational female. She was born intersex (Meaning without definable genitalia) and the decision for corrective surgery was made by her parents shortly after her birth. While Raleigh is 'technically' female she receives hormones for both genders, and as a result it a little unstable with her emotions. Raleigh doesn’t identify with her assigned gender but is not transexual, and has chosen to opt out of any gender classification. Allows friends to refer to her with female pronouns. Specifically diagnosed with AIS (Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome).

Raleigh is a complete social bumble in all situations, and is largely kept to the back of the line on missions, not because her platoon dislikes her, far from it, it’s just that having one of your team mates grab an employer by the face and tell them that they smell funny, is bad for business. Raleigh has an important job as a puzzle cracker, and is over time becoming more familiar with technology as it is recovered and presented to her for figuring out. Raleigh absolutely adores her team and thinks of them as a family, and has been on it for as long as Cecile and Cassiopeia, who are by far the most comfortable with her antics.


- Raleigh covers her face with her hair for two things she is very self conscious about, her terrible acne scarring from where she’d compulsively pick at her face when she had breakouts, and her right eye which sags a bit and is terribly off center. When asked about it, she will refuse to talk and go mute for a while.
- Raleigh absolutely hates shoes and refuses to wear them no matter what the situation, only putting up with flip flops or open toed sandals when required.
- Raleigh is often referred to by her last name, and her nickname ‘Quetzle‘.
- Raleigh will not eat anything with condiments, sauce, syrup, or toppings. If it can be put on food, she will not touch it, and goes so far as to removing toppings and scraping off sauce on her foods. Spaghetti is her favorite food and if you put sauce on it she will have a huge fit.
- Raleigh’s last name was coined for the Aztec mythological creature the Quetzalcoatl.
- Raleigh’s origins are spotty and no one really knows how she found her way into the Pacificators organization for sure, but some say she was brought to headquarters by Commander Duranjaya, to be tested for gifted and talented. She proved to be both, good at what she dose now, and simply neurotic in all other areas.
- Raleigh is a professed atheist and finds the idea of god (any god or higher being) silly and strange.
- Raleigh's name used to be Leigha, but she changed it to a more fitting (in her opinion) one after coming to the Academy.

Art and Raleigh are part of Platoon 142, created for/inspired by The Pacificators and is © Larkas
The Pacificators it’s concepts and story are ©
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