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My second OC for the Avatarverse and the first member of my alt uni Team Avatar 3.0. This alternate universe features Korra's successor as a metalbender from Republic City

Meet Kiviuq, the long-suffering straight man and the waterbender of Team Avatar 3.0. He's Korra's eldest grandson from her son Tulugaak, who was elected chief. He's also a member of the Tribal Council and acts as the ambassador to the Southern Water Tribe. He's very dedicated to the pursuit of peace and balance between the nations and strives to represent the will of the southern people with respect to what would work best for everyone. He is quite popular in political circles and is favored to succeed his father, a prince in all but name. That is, if he can even be bothered to run for office; he's quite content with being an ambassador and is slowly getting tired of public service.

He has one sister, Nukka, a nonbender. They were still very young children when their grandmother passed on and her passing left them with a huge chip on their shoulders that was only lifted somewhat when Kiviuq, a teenager of 15, babysat an Earthbending 10-year-old named Byakko.

An adept waterbender, he is partially responsible for training the new Avatar, who also happens to be his dorky metalbending roommate and former charge. He and Byakko share a big-brother-kid-brother relationship despite the latter's unconventional and rather clumsy approach to waterbending.

The fact that Byakko is his grandmother reincarnated puts an interesting spin on things; it is not unknown for Korra to take over Byakko's body and spend time giving her grandchildren advice, though she acknowledges that sometimes, the person they actually need might well be her reincarnation.

He's a bit rigid and old-fashioned and sees no benefit in needless faddish technological upgrades; his home computer is horribly slow and backwards and he has a portable phone that's essentially a giant durable brick.

He and his sister share an apartment with Byakko when in Republic City.

A few updates were added up the family line



If you haven't exactly noticed, I had taken steps to avoid mentioning his and his sister's paternal grandfather, and frankly it was a good call given the ending of LoK Season 4. Of course, given that the shippers will probably still skewer me regardless, here are the many, many wonderful options I have for the identity of their grandfather. Anything goes here though since this is my alt uni, but I specifically waited until after the series ended to at least ensure that my pitch would be plausible. Because I'm taking the time to make them look related to Korra, I'm ruling out outright adoption for now. Here are some of the possibilites.

- Spirit magic was involved somehow, making Tulugaak as much Asami's as Korra's.
- Korra settled the whole thing at a later time after either Asami or Mako, making Tugulaak a menopause baby of sorts. Alternately, she does a Toph and had several spouses over the course of her life, Asami and Mako among them, though her only child was from some other dude unrelated to either.
- Admittedly, the eyebrows were there to indicate that his grandfather is Mako and the reveal was that his father Tulugaak was a firebender in spite of being the political leader of the Southern Water Tribe. Since I've no intention of de-canonising Korrasami in without altering the stuff I already made (and given the lighthearted interpretation of the next Avatar in this alt uni) I may as well make two of the four major shippers happy and make it an OT3. Korra and Asami get Mako or some other firebending dude in a three-way polygamous polyamorous marriage. This also allows me to canonically give Asami a kid of her own (face it, any Korrasami spawn will be named Hiroshi, and the whole deal sounded so fun that I couldn't resist) while opening a whole avenue of family plotlines that would come from a nontraditional family system, perhaps with few issues of their own (though hopefully not to the extent of Aang's and Toph's). The adoption option is also used here, as Korra and Asami would still be adoptive parents to each others' biological kids. I'll come up with the Makorrasami brothers later on. Images of Mako in an apron as a stay-at-home 50s housewife-type dad play in my head.

I prefer Option 3 Option 3 is my headcanon mainly because it's absurd and yet oddly satisfying.


Kiviuq is a legendary hero who figures highly in the mythology of the Inuit and other circumpolar Native American tribes. His father's name is taken from the Inuit God of Light (a reference to Raava, the spirit of light, from the second season of Legend of Korra). Nukka just means "little sister."

I drew much of his appearance from Korra's father Tonraq, though I did change his figure slightly.

He is, essentially the equivalent of the nostalgic "90s kids" predominant in our world today. This is in contrast to the tech-savvy hipsternerd that is Avatar Byakko.

ATLA/LOK created by Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino, and owned by Nickelodeon
The AU that contains this OC technically belongs to me.
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