Character Redraw: Anubis Picture

Character redraw of some sort… felt inspired to do this recently, out of a sense of nostalgia I guess? He’s still VERY much under construction, but at least he’s looking a lot better than his original incarnation (which isn’t saying much, admittedly). Back when I was about twelve… ish (c. 2002, re: the first image), I was obsessed with ancient Egyptian culture/mythos (I’m still obsessed with this, ask me about the time I took notes in one of my classes entirely in hieroglyphics just to piss off the teacher) and also the manga/anime genre (by which I mean I read/watched Fruits Basket, InuYasha, and Pokemon, and that was about it… I was a simple kid). With that cocktail of interests, I got the idea that I wanted to do a “manga” of my own (as young naive weebs often do), and that it would revolve around Egyptian mythology, but with a more action/adventure geared orientation. (Spoiler: it was terrible.)

Unfortunately, this was also part of the span of years where anything I took an interest in that was outside of what a good, upstanding little Christian girl should be interested in was viciously sniffed out and eradicated by my mother (c. 1999-2009, I can’t tell you how many hard-worked-on comics, fics, screenplays, etc. I lost to that abyss), so 90% of this “manga” was torn to pieces and burned (for having “adult content!!” which meant some swearing, i.e., “shit” and “damn”, and “adult situations!!” which meant, y’know, bog standard Egyptian mythology), with only a few spare panels managing to slip under the radar to remain in existence to this day. (I have zero clue what the context of any of the panels are anymore for this reason.) All I really remember was that Anubis was my favourite character, which was weird because I don’t think I actually made him the love interest in the “manga” (which I guess was a good thing? He would have made a terrible love interest, though equally bizarrely I’m pretty sure I picked Maahes as the love interest, because lion dudes are more romantic than jackal dudes? Who knows, man.)

I liked Anubis because he was like… kind of a terrible person, but not intentionally? He was painfully undersocialized, cynical and morbid and kind of a jerk, but ultimately just sort of lonely. He didn’t really know how to interact with living people because he’s, y’know, the god of embalming/ushering souls into the afterlife, so he spent most of his time around the dead. I also sort of remember there being some kind of running gag about him being lauded as this really intimidating deity!! with a jackal’s head!!! DON’T MESS WITH ANUBIS!!! and then the protagonist finally goes to meet with him and at first he’s doing his ceremony and he’s really impressive and scary!!! and then he realizes he’s being watched and takes off his mask, and it’s like… oh, you’re not scary at all, you’re just a grumpy overworked and completely underwhelming dude doing your job. Like expecting Hannibal Lector and instead getting Oscar the Grouch. And that sort of continues every time he’s brought up with new characters, because nobody ever bothered to go talk to him to figure out what kind of dude he was until they were already dead, which is… actually kind of really sad.

So like, yeah, I dunno. Have some Anubis…es. Anubi? Anubu. Abooblah. Have some jackal jerks.

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