Violetta Charactersheet Picture

Name: Violetta "Vi" Khalida Aysun
Age: 18
Height: 5'8" [165.1 cm]
Weight: 131 lbs [59.4 kg]
Hair: Black
Eyes: Dark, red brown
Skin: Dark tan
Ethnicity: Thannish/ Enteli
Bodytype: Thin, slight, light muscle tone
Race: Seeker [Aeon]
Aeon: Tempus Vorso [Time Manipulator, Seeker, Oracle, Time Turner]

- Hair is wider on sides, though very long
- The rest of her family's abilities include turning into ravens and taking on specific features of them
- Used to be in a relationship with Anton, though things went sour
- Knows much more than she lets on
- Not very strong
- Likes to hear every word before contemplating what to say
- Extremely blunt and sarcastic
- Does not have many friends
- Tendency to disappear at random times
- Very kind, but is afraid of people taking advantage of that fact
- Does not use her abilities unless absolutely necessary, or in a fight

Personality: Shy to the point of seeming cold and standoffish, once she warms up to you, is actually quite sweet. However, she's not without her fair share of abrasive traits. She's extraordinarily blunt and sarcastic to the point of near cruelty, and can be a bit much to handle. She's extremely intelligent, patient, and does not like to speak or make up her mind until every possibility is brought to the table. While she is intelligent, she does not let on all that she knows. However, she's not always the one who has the right to tell information, and therefore, will will you to figure it out on your own, in such cases.

She has quite the air of mystery about her, and so it is hard to really get a feel for her.

History: Violetta grew up in Garland, though was born just outside [area unknown]. Her family is primarily of Thannish decent, though her father's side does have Enteli roots, and so she is of both ethnicities. She grew up primarily ostracized by her family, all Corvus Umbra, or raven spirits. They could not wrap their heads around their daughter being anything but this, and were so completely taken aback. Due to her parents' absense during her life, her older brother, Emil, was more of a caring father-figure to her, and so the two are very close. He, of all people, does not care about her different Aeonic lineage, however mysterious.

Her ability to control time, though shaky at first, led her to gain her powers later than most. A powerful and once unsteady Seeker, she has since learned to control it and only use it if she or loved ones are in danger. Being so strong, the center of her irises [or even the entire eye] become a violet color when becoming strongly emotional, angry, or in dire situations - especially when using the ability. Like some other Aeons, they flash, though she has the ability to mask it for normal, everyday circumstances. She now lives in Garland, finishing her last year of high school before moving on to bigger and better things, but only time will tell.

Tempus Vorso:</b> Time Turners, Oracles, Seekers, and Time Manipulators - a small sect of beings with a mysterious, unexplainable lineage. Unknown to most, it is a title earned due to Time itself splitting into eight distinct pieces, throughout the fabric of time. The pieces of Time latched onto a worthy soul, and rather than their hereditary Aeonic lineages being granted, they became Seekers and Oracles. Violetta, in this sense, is no different. She has the ability to use her magic in order to slow, speed up, and even halt time. It is unknown whether she is able to change the age of herself or another, though it has been thought to be an ability. She can also change the way time moves in a designated area for healing or damage purposes, and may be able to teleport around the field by shifting the pace of time around herself. All Seekers guard the timeline with their lives, making sure it is never changed.

Class: Mage

Job: Sage [Abilities pertaining to support only, though can still issue decent physical attacks]

Subclass/ Specializations: History expert [to finite details many would not know], Hidden Cult/ Sect Expert, Mythology Expert, Expert on Magic and Legends

Weapon: Bo Staff

Weakness: Shortened life span, hard to maintain friendships when jumping around in time, cannot close time gates [only move them] until they have extreme control over their power, not many in-battle skills, must guard the timeline and change only if there has been an extreme change

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