Dephin Kresti Reference Picture

Your name is DEPHIN KRESTI.

You are one of the highest ranking members of your society, being as HIGH A LANDWELLER as possible. Surprisingly enough, though, you aren't a part of the MYSTERIOUS CLOWN CULT most of your caste follow. You find it to be completely and UTTERLY RIDICULOUS and would rather not be a part of something that stupid. You like to think of yourself as being MUCH BETTER than JUST ABOUT EVERYONE. This might be a reason as to why you haven't filled ANY of your QUADRANTS. You don't really give a shit, though. You like to spend most of your time around the area surrounding your hive and with your LUSUS. Your other interests aren't TOO VARIED. You enjoy SWIMMING AND DIVING and stuff related to the WATER. And while you won't admit it, MUSIC is another passion of your's. You'll also speak to SEADWELLERS that come around your area of the place, as you tend to get along with MOST OF THEM that don't hate landwellers. They can relate to your passion for being better than those LOWER THAN YOURSELF. It's a nice enough relationship, you guess.

You've just recieved a MYSTERIOUS MESSAGE on TROLLIAN telling you about some GAME or other that some strange group wants you to test. There's absolutely NO QUIRK WHATSOEVER. This is pretty WEIRD to you, but whatever. Reading this shit over, you've considered playing it. It's pretty VAGUE, but how BAD could a GAME really be? Seems like there's going to be some OTHER PEOPLE playing too. You figure you can do a pretty good job with BOSSING THEM AROUND if there are a lot of lowbloods involved. It says it's a COOPERATIVE GAME, but you figure cooperation can work if there's DOMINANCE ESTABLISHED.

What will you do?


Name: Dephin (deprived from Delphi, the Greek word for dolphin, and the word depth, like the depths of the ocean) Kresti (like cresting waves and the like)

Age: Six Solar Sweeps

Personality: Dephin is a self-absorbed kid who gets along with seadwellers better than those of his own caste due to his unusual dislike in the usual clown cult of his range of blood. Due to this, he doesn't wear the usual makeup of his caste. His view on other people is in most cases, simply, 'I'm better than you are', though he won't outright say it. Despite that, it's pretty obvious that's what he thinks. He sees no room for error in people's actions and his expectations of his own person and other trolls are pretty high. If someone does him wrong, he'll be sure to remember it and hold a grudge. But even with all of that, if Dephin is actually okay with somebody or likes them, he has a much gentler and forgiving side.

Interests: His interests include many water activities, mainly swimming, watching the water and walking along the shoreline close to his hive. He also has a strange fondness for music, though he'd never actually admit that outright.

Captchalogue Modus: Dephin's sylladex is equipped with the Click Modus which requires a person to repeat a pattern written on sheet music with clicks of the tongue. He's rather skilled in this through communing with his lusus.

Lusus: His lusus is a dolphin (for reference to a human breed, a Dusky Dolphin, but the black markings are a light grey instead) named Korianos (coming from mythology of dolphins) that's only slightly bigger than Dephin himself. His lusus is one of the few living beings Dephin will show affection towards and he's very close to him. Through his lusus, he's learned the series of dolpin clicks, whistles and other sounds and is able to copy a few to commune with the animal.

Strife Specibus: Dephin's Strife Specibus is chainscytheKind (for a good reference of the basics, check out Tsubaki from Souler Eater in chain scythe form), his first and foremost form of this kind of weapon being made very basic and made of completely black metal, both chain and blades.

Trolltag: crestingSubmergence

Quirk: <click> you tend to start out your sentenCes wIth a sound KInd of sImILar to one from your Lusus and CapItaLIze Letters of saId sound.

Hive: Dephin's hive is placed very close to the edge of a cliff next to the ocean where his lusus dwells. There's a beach down at the bottom of the cliff where he likes to take walks sometimes. The hive itself is a decent size, but it's nothing to gawk at, surprisingly (with Dephin's attitude and all).

Exile: TBA


You guys heard right. Another fantroll. XP Only this time, it's actually for a group session! #Sgrub-Testers opened their join requests, so this is my entry for that. Hoping that this is good! I kind of surfed through a few symbols and dolphin seemed interesting... so I worked off of that. Just kind of doodled a random thing and first and just kept progressing and getting more and more. And this is what I finally came up with! Gotta say, I'm pretty fond of him. :3

I should be posting more about this dude later. Mainly his lusus and his Strife Specibus, hopefully in action. As more reference to his lusus and specibus, a picture of the basic weaponry can be seen here [link] and the basics of his lusus can be seen here [link].

As all of my fantrolls, I'm totally open to roleplaying with this guy here through notes or on Pesterchum. :3 Just leave a comment here or on my page asking if you'd like to!

Anyways, enjoy! ^u^


Homestuck belongs to Andrew Hussie
Dephin Kresti belongs to ~Willowwish
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