Alina's Ref Sheet Picture

Well... I noticed the other day that Ali's Ref sheet was uploaded... well... way too long ago. Since I made that, She hasn't changed (save for maybe occasionally replacing her orange iris with straight up flames, lightening her belly a bit, and giving her her piercings--because, seriously, coming from the god of riches and death, she needs some.), but my skills as far as making anything artsy goes have improved HUGELY. So I figured she was due for something a little more up to date as far as my skills go, haha. Therefor, here's good old Ali and her new, much cooler looking ref sheet. Oh, with the added little "human likeness" section. Was watching the 300 trailer the other day and had this amazing epiphany where I drew the line between the her and the Persian naval commander Artemisia in my mind, lol. Still subject to change, but since I'm too lazy to do human art for Ali and still have a list of requests, that'll do for now, lol. Only new art on this really is the two full-body pictures. Everything else is recycles from my stash of Ali art for the sake of laziness.

The Grim species (while based on a "real" mythological species) is mine, and it is NOT open for use or taking. Especially without permission.

The character, all design, and all the art is mine (except for the borrowed picture of Artemisia from the 300 trailer... which may or may not be replaced soon.)

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