Thunderthief in hand Picture

NEW design, and last design of 2011!! Please read on for details, I'm selling these. I cast the piece from my original sculpture in a sturdy resin.

Here's a shot of me holding the help convey size, and you can see the front of his face here too.

What do you guys think of the title "Thunderthief"? I was thinking of "stolen thunder", and how this Pegasus is so buff he'd buck anyone off, and stomp on them along with their ego XD! Plus, he's such a rowdy Pegasus... I can easily imagine him flying right through a thunder storm all snorting and kicking XD, lol.

NOTE that I don't normally sell my pendants strung this way with a Swaravoski (sp?) crystal. They're a bit expensive, and this piece of mine is actually put together with end clasps too (that are expensive). Normally I sell pendants on a leather cord with a glass crow bead for $35.00 total after shipping. However, for a higher cost of $40.00 I can do one like this and order a crystal in the desired color. That way it covers the cost of the end clasps, cording and crystal. I'd like to buy stringing material like this in black too, but they were out of stock at the time. Please stay tuned for more color variations of this same piece (and other designs, I just finished a fairy too). Just comment or note me if you're interested in buying one! I accept paypal, money orders, or cash (Paypal is preferred though). Currently I'm wearing the same piece but changed it to a leather cord for a more casual look.

I sculpted this piece with two motives in mind. The first was I wanted to make a pendant my sister would enjoy (Christmas gift), but she's not really into the same things as me...she appreciates my artistic ability, but wouldn't go around wearing any of my pendants since she doesn't really care about creatures/fantasy too much...and pendants are more of my fashion style than hers. She's a HUGE Denver Broncos fan (and I could give a rat's a$$ about sports outside of martial arts, lol). So I figured, hmm...Denver broncos themed...PEGASUS! Something she would love, but still in my style. The one pictured here is not the broncos themed one (which I'll post after this), but that was the first motivation.

The second motive was, well...Pegasus are just cool, and should sell well! I'm very happy with how it turned out, and actually consider it one of my strongest pieces...and it's under an inch and a half long...pretty small sculpt! I'll be posting a pic of the sculpt next to a ruler. I used sorta a funny thing for a reference too, lol..used a She Ra toy horse from the 80s for some of the musculature XD! It looks very different, and I also looked at some miniature war horse figures for the leg musculature and horse anatomy continuity. I wasn't going for a realistic look, but sorta a statuesque/fantasy/fun look!

This design is Copyright 2011 Angela Pileggi AMP/Meadowknight. Do not use this design/image without my permission.
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