Homestuck Meme Thingy Picture

So I don't know how many of you have heard of an awesome web comic called Homestuck but it is my crack.
The blank meme for those of you who wish to do it can be found here=> [link]

Homestuck, all affiliated characters and my soul belong to Andrew Hussie.

Lilitu Kalki and Me belong to me.

Lilitu is named after the Jewish mythological woman Lilith and Kalki the final incarnation of the Hindu God Vishnu.

I chose the two names (with the help of my boyfriend) because they seem to be opposing characters. Lilith is depicted as being an evil seductress and mother of demons while Kalki is shown to be the destroyer of filth and the bringer of change.

I chose the names because Lilitu doesn't really fit into the societal norm of being offended by bucket humor. In fact she thinks it's funny. She's also very affectionate and hates seemingly pointless violence- Yeah, yeah I know that she's a Troll who are supposedly prone to violence which I figure was viewed as a bad thing or at least a negative thing for Troll society.
I don't know.
But essentially she's not very well liked because she's an odd ball in the Troll universe.

If you want to start reading Homestuck to learn just what the hey I'm talking about then go here.
==> [link]
It's an interesting and awesome read albeit a bit lengthy.

Also the dream that Lilitu is referring to is one in which I dreamt a few nights ago. The kids from both Beta and Alpha Homestuck games were chilling at my place and Lilitu and Karkat had a bath together which was interesting to say the least.
And that is all I will divulge. :3
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