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Film Genre: Adventure Film / Action Film / Drama Film
Film Also Known As: Brave
Film Directed By: Mark Andrews & Brenda Chapman
Film Screenplay By: Mark Andrews / Brenda Chapman / Steve Purcell / ChapmanIrene Mecch
Film Distributed By: Walt Disney Pictures / Pixar Animation Studios
Review Written By: Tiger M. Gales
Tiger M. Gales Movie Completion Time: Yesterday, Film's Opening Day 9:00 PM June 22nd, 2012!
Tiger M. Gales Movie Review Began: This Morning; Valiant! Saturday! 10:00 AM, 6/23/2012
Tiger M. Gales Movie Review Complete: 1:29 PM (6/23/2012) [Eastern Standard Time, U.S.A.]
BRAVE (2012) Gales Entertainment Scale (GES) Rating: Bonding 10.
TMG Favorite Character? Merida The BRAVE!

- An Elderly Tale Told Anew! -

Fiddler On The Roof (1971) meets a story of breaking tradition on "How To Raise Your Dragon" (2012) wings in this exciting Walt Disney / Pixar Positively-Powered-Production!
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