disaster Picture

this was part of my project for uni, due in three and a half weeks. an animatronic silicone gremlin (brownie in scottish mythology).

I was going to make a mould of his head and cast him in silicone but as you can see he crumbled apart after I sprayed him in krylon. I used a polyester ball for the armature for the head so I guess the clay shrank and cracked over that...

anyway I needed to document it for my folio and thought you guys would like to see. a lot of the detail is missing, he has cool wrinkles all over his face but the cameras on the uni computers don't pick them up so well.

kind of taking it as a good sign, despite not having enough time to finish him (I CAN DO IT though!) I really needed to resculpt him as I wasn't happy with his features and the eyes I have cast are different style to those ones. (other experiments with resin eyes, trying to copy joshua knuts method of taxidermy eyes and failing miserably - also indigo-ocean gave me some tips about resin eyes, carving into the back with a dremel. didn't quite understand what she meant until I tried it out on these and figured she meant the opposite.)

p.s. sorry about my face, i am sad and tired and stressed :/ I was fine until this happened. bleeeeeh not enough time!
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