Vicarious Atonement Picture

This is a slight interpretation of one of the lines from The Mars Volta's song Vicarious Atonement. I despise religion but appreciate the stories as that, much the same way that people appreciate Japanese yokai or Egyptian mythology. No matter how inconsistant and poorly developed the characters. So anyway, you can barely see the cruci-"fiction" of Jesus up on that hill but you'll notice a) he's not on a cross, and b) he's NOT WHITE! That's because contrary to popular American belief, Jesus would NOT have been white...he isn't American as some people over the pond seem to think...haha morons. The secondly, crucifixion would have taken place on a pole rather than a cross, with a nail through the feet and arms nailed together behind the pole.

My interpretation of the song is in my journal, so you could figure it out from there. Not too hard.

I added the film lines at the top and bottom for random shits and giggles really. Mel Gibson would be proud of it, reminds him of The Passion of the Christ. That crazy sexist, racist bastard.

There's a slight tie in with Tool's song, Vicarious. The man here is watching Christ die from a distance. Random thought.

If you think about it, Christ would have been like a used car dealer back in the day. So slimey and lying to everyone.The difference would be that back then people were so bloody stupid that they'd believe him.

You all know Scientology is the real religion, spaceships and everything
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