Turnskin Anube Picture

According to the mythology of the Skynt people, when any creature dies prematurely, its damaged essence is reprocessed to provide the essence for another being coming into the world; those that survive to the end of their natural life are allowed to retain the memories their essence possesses and actually experience the life of the creature it is cycled into, in this way all living things are united. Polymorphs or "weres" are as a symbol of this cycle important to the culture and thought to be hosts of the longest lasting, most experienced essence. The Turncoyote is a mockery of this symbology created when someone or something finds a way to cheat the system, a sort of fool's gold meant as punishment to those wicked enough.
The Turncoyote is indeed a were, but we know today that the truth of their existence is somewhat ironic: The Turncoyotes evolved to more feasibly manage the massive nutritional reqirements of the polymorphism mutation. The Turncoyote has the distinction of having by far the least extreme polymorph form; during breeding season only its head and forelimbs morph, allowing it to actively prey upon other creatures to allow it to cope with much more quickly multiplying competition. At any other time of the year, the Turncoyote is an almost underwhelming scavenger that is known as an urban pest as they frequently rummage through garbage or dig up graves.

Sorry for the wordy description, it took me quite a bit of creativity to figure out how to justify a creature whose original concept was "frankenstein's monster where some parts came from werewolves" in Cauldron's setting but this dude just spawned a new culture for me.
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