Daughter of Spring Picture


Okay, this is my original piece for my current uni course. We had free reign on our piece as long as it was based on one of three topics, that had a list of sub-topics.

I chose 'Silence' and went down the 'peace' route. This was influenced by Mucha - the orb above her head - and the kidnap of Persephone in Greek mythology - her eyes are closed and her pose is left obscure to imply she might be a in a moment of rhapsody or she might be dead. The colours were chose to reflect spring, her the skirt of her dress a flower.

I'd love to do a second one, with the same figure in Underworld greys and browns - I'm not sure if I'll get time but I'm worried my idea isn't as well-rounded as it could be. This assessment is a total rush job because I have been seriously sick but I hate not having something that I absolutely adore to submit. I suppose I could light-box the original and just do a recolour with some slight adjustments.

This is my first attempt using watercolours, and not too bad. Next time, I'll use proper watercolour paper! Also used Iridescent Medium (so gorgeous! That's what the reflections are on it - it doesn't help I took this with my phone) and my beloved markers.

I am still totally stuck with what to do. Any suggestions? The only other thing I can think to do is grab a texture to blend into the background. And i'll scan it in the next day or two. Might also go up at
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