Warrior Ophiucus Picture

This is a little full-body character sketch that I had CGed
over a month ago, and I'm just finally posting it. WOW,
I'm starting to get lazy again with submitting pictures.
But fall quarter is mostly through, and finals are coming
up in a couple of weeks. I'd better stay on track as best
as I can so I can get the required credits needed.
But enough about real life. XD

Soooo here's something no one familiar with my "Star
Origins" story has seen at all yet-- a brand new zodiac
guardian! 13th one was created. Why? Because the truth is,
there are really 13 signs in the astrological chart, not
12. The 13th one is callled Ophiucus and is based on
a Greek mythological character~ I'd give details, but
I don't want to type too much.
My original characters' normal name is Drake, but
his zodiac guardian persona is known as Warrior
Ophiucus. He fights with a sceptor that can either
zap his target, or HEAL his target, which is his own
special ability. No other zodiac guardian can do this.
....aaaand that's all I've got to say about Drake.

There's a few flaws here and there in the picture,
but I CGed this for the sake of figuring out his
outfits' color scheme, as well as his skin/hair color.
As for his eye color- I'll have to draw him again in
the future with his eyes OPEN.
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