Orion Picture

My first submission in weeks, I haven't been around this weekend. But here's a picture my brother took.

This is my new kitty, Orion. See, my sister & her boyfriend found a cat that followed them home, but they can't have free-roaming animals in their apartment (plus they have rats & ferrets), so they gave her to some friends of theirs as a wedding gift. Of course the cat turned out to be the gift that keeps on giving 'cause the cat had a litter of kittens. So, they & my sister decided to give one of the kittens to me as a replacement fifth cat.

I thought he was to be a girl and all black with little white points, so I was going to name it Lilith, but my sister corrected that it's actually a boy so she said "Lilith" is really a "Louis" but I didn't care for the name "Louis" neither did my grandmother. So, I decided on "Onyx". Until my sister brought him up and I figured, he doesn't look much like an Onyx so I looked up cat names online and Greek Mythology characters, so I decided on "Orion".

At first he was shy & timid, but pretty soon he grew to be very playful & talky. He still lives upstairs of course, 'cause the downstairs kitties aren't nice to him. Hopefully, when we get him fixed, he'll get along with the others.
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