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Name: Lillia Abel

D.O.B: December 10th

Division: Lunar

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Pansexual

Born in England, Lillia grew up pretty normally. Aside from the fact that, from time to time, she and others would see strange figures appearing around them. Now, Lillia knows what the cause of this is. She has powers relating to illusions, allowing her to create them.... sometimes. Lillia isn't good at controlling them, and never was. She has very little control of them, as only manages to create them as she wishes, under her control, when she focuses. She got along with people pretty well throughout most of her life.... until the illusions would scare the people off. After awhile people realized, those strange things happened only when Lillia was around. People stopped being around her because of it.

Lillia doesn't complain much. She's surprisingly friendly, though looks distant and cold on the outside. She is serious about training, mostly because she wants to finally have control of her illusion abilities. Lillia is highly intelligent.

Likes and Dislikes:
+Being around others
+Tea of most any kind

-Annoying people
-Rude people

Lillia wears Sarashi Wrap. It is mostly to make her breasts unnoticeable. Not that they're usually big, she's just not comfortable with them being too visible

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