How DREADful. Picture

Drawn: 7/2/11

Holy crap! I drew something! Quite a little while ago in fact! XD The computer has been exploding and dying from old age, so it took 3459834905834 days to actually ink then color this out.


So this be a chibi, duh, of a Goddess that's been hovering around in the planning stages for some months.

The first born of High Gods Pei-Le and Atl'Ch. Sister of Minor Goddess Hi'Naa.

Goddess Nox, the name I'm going with for now since I haven't had the chance to find another that suits her, the second generation Deity of Sleep and Dreams. Mother of the unconscious desires and nightmarish fears that haunt the mortals every single night.

Obviously she takes after her father more, but hopefully you can see parts of ol' mommy in there. A quiet Goddess, but enjoys cavorting with the mortals from time to time, however there is always a price.

Between the legs is always a surprise for any suitors that demand for her presence! A Spider Goddess, hiding behind a layer of 'night sky', she tends to eat any she sees as a potential nymph through uh... intercourse. So a black widow in the sense that her uhhh crotch literally devours the victims then regurgitates them back up into her 'dream' entourage.

But a nice Goddess in other perspectives! And still trying to figure which God/Goddess would be her main lover.

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