Marvel's The Runaways: Cornered By Wargs Picture

First of all, and I'm NOT making this up: Wargs happen to come from Norse mythology (take that, Tolkein), described as evil wolves (Fenrir is one such wolf). I figured, hey, this would be fitting for Marvel.

Basically, the gang find themselves cornered by Wargs until Thor arrives and saves them and the gang helps them track down the Wargs and one Fenrir (hence the Bifrost, upper left hand corner) and Thor's Hammer flying to their rescue (like that one part in the beginning of Thor 2).

Originally, I was just gonna make these monsters simply Symbiotic creatures (Symbiotic = Venom of Spider Man), but I figured it'd be a good connection to Norse mythology to call them simply Wargs (I drew this while I was reading a Percy Jackson-style book involving Norse mythology...before Riordan comes out with his new book involving Norse mythology. But I'm SURE Marvel's popularity on Norse mythology exceeds anything in literature).

Marvel's The Runaways created by Brian K. Vaughn.
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