Proxy Blood - Zalambur Picture

The Djinn Lord! Yeah. The four bosses of this game are each of the highest level of fae.. fey.. fay.. it's all good.
So yeah, originally he had these kinda awkward but awesome huge fists in this pose, and then I realised clawed hands are both more awesome and more illustrative.. tryin to give a modeler somethin to work with here.
he tosses off his turban when the fight begins ^_^
I had him red-and-magenta at first, which is pretty awesome.. and really if i'd made it BRIGHT magenta it probably would've been okay, or violet for that matter.. or lilac.. but.. I just thought it was too Jafar-y already, so I figured.. let's make some color balance in the 4 bosses, and green his ass up.. it actually works pretty well.
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