Mishosha's Mercenaries WIP Picture

PLEASE comment if you fave! I worked hard on this.
All right, I'm going to try to take part in the 100 Picture Challenge, or whatever it's called here. Basically, you draw one picture each for one of 100 themes. I just started learning how to draw human faces about two months ago. I was going to hold off on entering the challenge until I'd gotten bodily postures down better, but figured that if I waited that long I'd never get anywhere. So I know I still need a lot of work. Maybe doing this challenge will help me improve, maybe not. I like to hope that maybe someday I'll be able to redo this picture and it'll look a whole lot better. For now though, it's much better than what I could have done a couple of months ago.
This illustrates no scene in particular, but I'll include a related snippet from Part 82 of Escape From Manitou Island [link] This illustrates the theme of "Cat." Now how, you may rightly ask, does a drawing of sea serpents illustrate the theme of "Cat"? Well, these nasty-looking fellows just happen to be Mishupishus, a type of lake monster also known as Underwater Lynxes. They travel between the Great Lakes via underwater tunnels, and love capsizing canoes and causing havoc for humans. And they vaguely resemble a cross between a snake, a catfish, and a lynx. So, "Cat" it is.
In the scene included, Charmian and company are hitching a ride in a sentient canoe made of stone and attempting to reach the island of Mishosha, a dreaded and powerful medicine man who just happens to be controlling these Mishupishus...you can pick up the rest from there.

This is just the inked sketch. I cropped off a bit of the background for now. I'm planning on filling it all in with colored pencil, as that's the only medium I have, that and a photo program which mangles my pictures when I resize and try to up the saturation a bit.
Anyway...the next theme I believe is "No Time" and I already I'm thinking up an idea.
This will be scrapped later on when I upload the finished version. Just wanted to put this in my gallery to brag a bit.
Criticism not desired as I already know all the flaws this has, thank you very much.

Charmian sat up straight. "We're trying to make our way to the north!" Winter Born exclaimed, before she could speak; she glared at the girl but Winter Born didn't notice. "To speak with the North Wind!"

The Wintermaker--? The canoe bobbed a little. You think this is wise?

"We kind of have no choice," Charmian said. "It's a matter of life and death. If we don't do it, there'll be a big flood."

So? the canoe said. There have always been big floods. When the glaciers last retreated, and the water covered the land, and I--

"Not that sort of flood," Charmian interrupted, wincing when she sensed the canoe's displeasure. "One caused by a bad manitou. Megissogwun. We--"

The Stone Canoe lurched and they all yelped again, flying forward; Winter Born tumbled into the prow and Charmian let out an oof when Moon Wolf fell atop her. Mani whistled and bobbed his head, having to turn back around, as he'd still been swimming when the canoe had halted. He pulled up beside them and continued whistling as they attempted to push themselves up and straighten out. Charmian fought a scowl as she brushed her hair out of her eyes.

THIS is the manitou whom you propose to face?! the Stone Canoe yelled in her mind, making her jump. ARE YOU THOROUGHLY MAD?!

Charmian blinked and furrowed her brow. "It's really that bad--?" she blurted out.

The canoe rocked from side to side. This manitou existed even before I was born! When I was but a pebble merging with another pebble merging with another pebble, and being ground over by ice, and shaped by earth and wind and water, and pushed further south, and-- It cut itself off when Charmian's face started to twitch, and coughed. He was fully a manitou of great power when this land was still young! If you came merely to face Mishosha, perhaps I could comprehend. But a fifteen year old seeking a manitou almost as old as time--beyond understanding!!

"Like I said!" Charmian retorted. "I don't exactly have a choice! You mean even YOU don't know where he comes from?"

NO ONE knows this, the canoe snapped, before lurching back to life. It sped a little faster now toward the island. I carry you only because I was ordered to do so. After that, you're on your own! Foolish little pebble! Thinking you can take on such a creature!

Charmian grasped the gunwales. "I am NOT a little pebble!!" she snapped.

Mani whistled and bumped against the canoe, making it rock, and it let out a silent yell of protest. Charmian and the others glanced down at him; he peered up at them and whistled again, then tilted his antlers slightly to the left. Charmian lifted her head and squinted into the fog.

She tensed when she saw dark serpentine shapes twisting in the distance, rising and falling and rising again. Their eyes glowed almost mockingly.

Yes, that's them, the Stone Canoe murmured. Ever since he was granted his medicine, Mishosha has the power to call upon their aid.

"Granted his medicine?" Charmian echoed.

Surely you are aware that Mishosha obtained his powers FROM this very manitou you propose to attack? the canoe said. Now you see why I worry for a foolish pebble like yourself? You have no clue what sort of beasts you pit yourself against, have you?

The Stone Canoe, Kabebonikka (the North Wind/Wintermaker), Megissogwun, Mishosha, and the Mishupishus are from Ojibwa mythology. Charmian, Winter Born, Moon Wolf, and Mani are © Tehuti.
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