GoA: Keilat Picture

Name: Keilat Norodiir
Race: Half-elf/half-human
Hair-Color: Light-Blonde
Eye-Color: Cyan/Green
Size: 1.81 m
Age: 23
Birthday: 7th of August
Mana: Earth
Siblings: Eone Norodiir
Occupation: Fighter of the Warrior Guild

Hobbies: Taking strolls in forests, Meditation, Swimming.
Loves: Animals, Food, Sleeping, Soft Objects, Arcane objects and mythology, Tales/stories.
Hates: Stubborn people, Bossy people, bitter food, parasitic creatures.

Abilities: His main ability is raising big pillars of earth and rocks using his mana, right out of the ground. Seeing as what he is moving is quite heavy, this takes a lot of energy.

The main function of this is to create barriers and shields as a source of protection for the ones nearby.

As only being skilled in defense won't get one far, he parted from his sister when she joined the Warrior's guild to train himself in more agressive fighting.
Aside from his magical abilities, he's got a bit of skill at fighting using his staff.

Personality: Fiery, Protective, Curious, Respectful, Thoughtful and Kind towards the ones he's fond of.

History: Being a member of the noble family of Norodiir, to him it was common knowledge that there was a energy ruling over whole Aether called "Mana". He wanted to harness that energy and be able to control it. Since childhood he thus had been trying to figure out his mana, trying to bend spoons while eating, knock small objects off a ledge, make lightweight objects levitate and such things. His sister on the other hand could already control some of her Mana -- The Light. He was frustrated that his sister, despite her being younger than him, could control her mana better than he could himself, and started turning her down because he didn't want to believe he was inferior despite his efforts while she didn't have to try as hard.

At the age of 14 he snuck out of the Palace Grounds to practice using his mana out in the forests where he hoped he could meditate better and thus harness more mana. After a short while of meditation he noticed something in the bushes; His sister -- Eone -- had snuck out as well and followed him out to the woods. He was enraged, not being able to meditate in peace and quiet; He felt that everyone tried to disturb his practicing on purpose to prevent him from learning how to master his Mana. Furious, he hit her with all his power and sent her body down onto the ground. He quickly marched away from his sister farther into the woods, hoping to find a new spot to meditate. He didn't have time to do so though, as not too long after that he heard a powerful roar from the spot he previously was on. He rushed back, and found his dear sister cornered by a bear ready to scratch her apart any second. Without any concerns for his own health he dove towards his sister. He shoved his palms onto the ground, and tried with all might he had to use his mana to protect her in any way possible. As the bear's claws swept down towards the two, dirt and smoke filled the grove.

Using all mana he could, he had raised a huge wall of rock out of the ground. Though, in the process, he had also acted a human shield for his sister, and had acquired huge clawmarks on his stomach. His crying sister staggered out from behind the wall of rock and stared at the bear limping away as fast as it could before turning her head to her brother lying on the ground. Keilat barely smiled at her and uttered the words "My dear sister, you helped me master my mana. You know I love you and I believe in you. Every last part of you." Eone got up on her feet and closed her eyes, and a great light formed in her hands and on the wounds on Keilat's stomach. It took him a while to realize that the wounds were closing, and blood stopped flowing out.

He wanted to keep doing just that; Protect and Shield others weaker than himself.
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