As per request from my friend on FA MOAR DRAGONS! Which is kinda convenient since I've been sketching dragons a lot.

It seems like everybody on the internet nowadays has Their Dragons™; I suppose in that regard I'm like everyone else. The main reason I've been designing these guys is because I've had an idea for a series fantasy-sci-fi books/graphic novels and I'd like to have visual continuity for the cast of dragons. This design isn't anything special, really - it's mostly inspired by old mythology and neato biology.

If this design inspires you, by all means, feel free to draw a dragon like this! I can't copyright such a vague, all-encompassing design such as "dragons", so if you see something you like assimilate it!

You can see how crappy my handwriting is.... I don't expect anyone could decipher those notes, but that's okay. I write a lot to myself while I sketch. When I finish something if it looks bad I'll write a note next to it - if it looks good or close to what I was envisioning I'll usually circle it and write some notes next to it about what I like.

Lessee.... (moving clockwise from top to bottom)
1. First sketch was just a general brain-fart trying to figure out how my dragons are shaped; the guy sitting on his haunches would be about two-years old (one 'roch' in dragonese.)
2. Second sketch is titled "Dance of the Eclipse" and it is going to be an attempt at merging my traditional sketching style and my digital painting style - expect to see a WIP soon!
3. Third sketch was inspired by pictures of an interesting beach/cave I found on Tumblr; I really liked the geology and it seemed like a place that dragons and humans would literally flock to, so there you go.
4. Fourth sketch was inspired by a stain on the floor of one of the colleges I work at. I am quite often inspired by random shapes in clouds, spills, stains, carpets, etc. etc. etc.
5. Fifth sketch was just a random dragon-head and me trying to figure out how these particular kinds of dragons' wings work. After watching an episode of Mythbusters on "anti-gravity devices" I was inspired by one of the devices that used ionized air to achieve lift; since my dragons are loaded with batteries of muscle-groups to store and release ionized energy (kind of like an electric eel) for communication I figured it wouldn't be a far step for them to be stored in the wings to be used for extra propulsion. Dragons are big animals, and I figure that any help they can get in achieving lift would be beneficial.
6. Sixth sketch is me trying to figure out how male dragons (drakes) are different from female dragons (dragonesses). Being carbon-based life-forms having evolved in an earth-like setting they use hormones just like animals on earth. Testosterone has a tendency of making bone-structures and superficial structures of the face more angular - so I want that to reflect in the faces of drakes.
7. Seventh sketch is of a drake looking nonplussed at a little dragon pup.
8. Eighth sketch is more of me trying to figure out superficial structures of a drake's face that would physically differentiate him from a dragoness. I would like for drakes and dragonesses to have different horn-designs but I'm still not the best at drawing horns - so that will have to come as I sketch it.

And there you go!
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