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After all my going on about #AngeldevilManga ending, perhaps you'd like to hear about a project of mine that's just beginning?

Driving Arcana will be a series of novels chronicling the adventures of three young women driving around America in a giant Dodge Ram truck (named Arcana) studying paranormal and supernatural phenomena. Like "Supernatural" if Sam and Dean were girls, weren't related, one of them rode a motorbike and wielded a sword, and they brought along Mordin Solus's female human counterpart.


Here's some sketches of the characters in it.


Top left: two of the main three, Claymore "Clara" Nordstern and Selene Shields.

Claymore prefers to go by Clara. She shaves her head and has a very serious outlook on life, death, the universe and everything. She is extremely knowledgeable about the supernatural, but she won't always tell you what she's thinking. She rides a custom black motorcycle named Unicorn and wields a giant sword. There is a little figure of her in her biking leathers there to the side.

Selene is loud, confident, and opinionated. She is also gay and carries a shotgun. Two shotguns, actually: a vintage Winchester Model 12 (named Freddie) and a sawn-off shotgun (named Elvis). She tends to intuit things rather than think through analytically, but she has very good intuition.

Top right is a head sketch of Jill Harrison, the leader of the main three.

Jill was a student at UC Santa Cruz before she decided to go study supernatural phenomena… scientifically. She hired Clara and Selene to be her guides/bodyguards, since the supernatural doesn't like being studied scientifically. Jill is very logical and careful, but intensely curious about anything she doesn't understand and very, very determined. She doesn't have any weapons. She doesn't need them; she's got Clara and Selene.

Going down the right side we've got a head sketch of Ariel Freeman and Selene again.

Ariel Freeman (no relation to either the mermaid or the Valve character) is a recurring wild-card character. He poses as a Christian minister be he's actually a demon hunter, and has long since lost any faith in god or religion. He's charismatic and practical. He is straight, but has no qualms about cross-dressing if it will help him achieve his ends. He and Selene butt heads constantly and Clara has to pull them apart.

Below the heads we've got a little sketch of Albatross and Selene.

Albatross is a weird girl/spirit/possibly angel thing that Selene meets in Hell (because you gotta go visit Hell at least once in these kinds of stories). I can't tell you much more about her here.

Below that is a sketch of Freeman and the Weeping Angel statue. The Weeping Angel is no relation to the monsters of Doctor Who: he is an actual angel who turned himself into a statue for some reason, which will now and again cry blood. Because he's sad about something, I guess. I tried to make him look a little "Doctorish" (10's hair, scarf like 4) as a little wink and a nudge to DW fans.

And below that we've got my Angelic Hierarchy chart. If you've ever actually looked up the angels of the Abrahamic faiths (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) you quickly discover it's an UTTER MESS. Angels are this or that and there are ten ranks or nine choirs and three spheres and archangels are their own choir but Archangels are something else and no two sects can agree on which archangels are the Seven Archangels and—oh, it's enough to drive one to distraction. But I was inspired by *humon's take on the Angelic Hierarchy --> [link] and I was inspired to do my own. I've used the Hebrew names, but the ranks correspond to the ones used in Christianity. I also got ride of the stupid archangel choir, because it made things too confusing. In the Driving Arcana universe, there are angels and archangels and both can belong to any rank. The Great Seven (+ the Metatron) are apart from all the ranks, though they are each associated with one. All the angel names are real angel names. See if you can decipher them.

And then there is Sokanon.

Sokanon is a thunderbird, like the ones from Native American mythology. One thing I wanted to do with DA was to incorporate elements of other mythologies and treat them all equally. So you've got the angels, who are scary mofo's (especially the Seraphim—yikes!) but then you've got this thunderbird who could go toe-to-toe (wing-to-wing?) with any of them. I say could, because by the time Sokanon shows up the angels aren't a factor anymore and the gang's fighting the Norse pantheon instead. Good times.

Anyway, Sokanon's a bit wild. She's a thunderbird, so even though she can make herself appear human she doesn't think or act like a human. She's very possessive and territorial, and impatient with everyone except Selene (who she likes). Her true form is a giant eagle with cloudy wings filled with lightning, but mostly she goes around looking like a biker punk girl, studded vest and all.

There's tons more to Driving Arcana, and even more characters I haven't drawn yet. Been too busy writing the stories so far. But it's been fun. Hope you like what you see here!

All sketches/characters © myself. Cheers~
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