The Castle Guard Picture

Another personal painting. I wanted to push my grasp of depth perception, work on an extreme perspective, and tackle multiple light sources in this one.

I set out with a plan in mind for the painting; I wanted to paint a character on top of a castle wall or embattlement, looking down at an invasion or potential intruders, the character mentioned being the castle's guard. Whether or not this guard is merely human or something more is left to the interpretation of the viewer.

I'm pretty happy with how it turned out and I like the overall mood of the painting. I did not use a reference for the background, but I did use a reference for the figure.

Once again, spiked-stock had a great range of selection when it came to perspective reference shots and she actually lets artists use them. Oh happy day.

She and the reference image that was used are located here:

Time Taken: About 15-20 hours
Tools: Photoshop
Intuos 4 Wireless

Copyright 2010, Brian J. Shafer
Do not use this image without my explicit permission.
Thank you for viewing.
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