Aravind Sarin Picture

Name: Aravind Sarin

Age: 17 (birthday: 5/1)

Height: 5’ 7”

Weight: 125

Race: demigod

Sex: female

God-parent: Demeter

Moral Parent(s): Ekram Sarin (father), Chione Al’Rashid (stepmother)

Powers: -used to be able to grow full plants out of seeds
-as well as "speaking" to plants, she can turn a seed into a seedling, but only one at a time, with the consequence of over-exhaustion if done again too soon.

Weapon: -Mist form: wooden paintbrush
-Non-Mist form: five foot tall, wooden staff

Personality: very quiet, prefers spending time with plants but loves her campmates with all her heart, has an air around her of peaceful power, figures problems out before others

Flaw: Envious of those who find love and/ or courage easy ((longs to be less timid)).
-in battle: Aravind rarely takes place in battle, but when she does, she is less likely to help those which she envies/ does not like. Although she is a caring person, she holds grudges for a long while.

Camp Years: seven, summers only (so she can finish school)

Quests?: Yes, helped re-grow parts of Central Park after the great battle of the prophecy

Background: Let’s start a few generations back, okay? Raja Sarin was an honorable man, who wanted to make an honest living, so he sailed across the sea to America. There, he met a young woman who told him that the seventh son of his seventh son would bear a special child. When Raja tried to answer the woman, she disappeared.

Several years later, the seventh son of the seventh son was born, and his name was Ekram. He lived his life unknowing that there was to be a great honor put upon him. Ekram met a beautiful woman (not knowing she was the same who had given the prophecy) and fell instantly in love. He never dreamed that she would leave him… but she had to.

In a few months’ time, she returned to his door, though she knew he had taken up a new wife. The woman left an infant girl in a cradle of vines and lotus flowers. Ekram knew at once where the child had come from, being an avid reader of mythology, and could barely contain himself with joy. He and his wife, Chione, called the girl Aravind.

Aravind grew up happy. She had twin younger brothers (Damian and Amon) to play with, and many fine Indian clothes to dress in. When she turned ten, however, someone broke into the family’s house. She had been up doing a project for school about how some plants grow faster than others, checking her night-time growers. The burglar, she could’ve sworn, had only one eye. Her plants surrounded her and pushed the burglar (?) away. A feeling in her gut told her it was her fault- both the burglar and the plants.

She packed a small bag of clothing and food and left. Aravind went south, listening to the words of kind trees and flowers. Only a few monsters bothered her, because she didn’t even know who she truly was. All Aravind knew was to listen to the plants that pointed her to Long Island. She reached camp with no injuries and no satyr, no easy feat for a young demigod. Claimed the day she got there, Aravind has been welcomed into the world of myth become real~!

Other Info: *Names- Aravind= lotus, Ekram= honor, Chione= daughter of the Nile, Damian= tamer, Amon= hidden.
*Aravind is partially vegetarian; the only meat she will eat is chicken. She doesn’t eat it often, either.
*She prefers her altered camp shirt to the normal one, though she does wear it. It was altered so it would fit in with her Bollywood style of dress by a girl in the Aphrodite cabin~
* Tends to walk around barefoot, but her preferred shoe is a classic gladiator sandal.
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