K.A.S. Kyra Scott Picture

Name: Kyra Allison Scott
Factions: None, though her expeditions do have Bayne Co. funding
Age: Mid to Late Twenties
Alignment: True Neutral
Job: Anthropologist/Archaeologist
Related Mecha and Kaiju: None, besides the one she is currently studying at the time.
Height: 5’6
Weight: 130 Pounds.


• Bayne Co. Personal Data Assistant: A Prototype PDA system that is a jack of all trades tool, from data-storage, to scanning of materials, to usage as a phone or internet browser. It uses an small enigma “battery” to power itself on and off and it “charges” with sunlight, it’s waterproof and she primarily uses it as a journal.

• Archaeological Knowledge: Kyra is well versed in knowledge of ancient and modern cultures
• Linguistics: Her travels have allowed her to practice and understand a variety of languages.


• Defeatist: Kyra is a bit too quick to accept the way things are. After a first few initial attempts at something fair or she can’t see away through some obstacle she may just give up on it completely.
• Curious: Her lust for knowledge is a little too much for her own good.
• Combat? Nope: She is a very average shot, and isn’t very much suited for fighting. Outside of shooting a problematic predatory animal, she isn’t very suited for fighting off things like Kaiju or larger gigafauna.

Personality: Kyra is a curious and extroverted woman. Her cravings for knowledge guiding her most of her life. While extroverted, she prefers to stray away from more socialite activities and primarily focuses on her studies and her expeditions. She is a generally likable woman, and she puts her agreeable personality to good use interacting with the various cultures and personalities she comes across in her studies.

In friendly company she is a little different. She is the gadfly, snarky and the tease… so she is pretty much a type-B, non-violent Tsundere. She likes to poke fun at her friends to get some sort of reaction out of them (which is covered by some deep seated personal issues…) which ranges from playfully flirting (disregarding gender at that!) though it typically has no meaning behind it outside of her trying to get a flustered reaction out of someone.

She has a rather passionate interest in history and different cultures, and with the advent of Enigma she has made it her mission to see how it has influenced various cultures throughout the centuries, and how it shall affect modern human cultures. With the advent of Kaiju, the discovery of Earth Hollows, and the reveal of ancient and powerful civilizations, she is quickly becoming the face of this new aspect of Anthropological research.

Other Quirks:

• Good friends with Nichole Bayne as they attended the same university.

Epoch: Active through Epoch One and Epoch Two

History: Later

Important Dates:

Three Years before Current Events: Graduates with a PH. D in Anthropology and a Bachelor’s in Archaeology.
Misc. Events between then and 20X0: She attends Wruce Bayne’s funeral as a family friend, travels across the world studying various cultures and is one of the first to propose a possible connection to Enigma and figures of mythology,
May 18th -30th, 20X4: Leads an expedition into the Den of Predation, which is later taken over by terrorists. Scott's expedition is saved by the native people of the hollow, dinosaurs, and the kaiju Kaitheros. Kaitheros, his priestess Ruki Motoko, and Scott leave the hollow.
November 5th 20Y3: Is traveling through Europe during the terrorist attack on the Vatican.
September 7th – 16th 20Y4: Kyra Scott discovers the Northwest American Earth Hollow System after finding an entrance on the Oregon Coast.
Mid 20Y5: After the awakening of the Super-Weapon Typhoon, her curiosity leads her to the area surrounding Greece where she would eventually find the coordinates to Ocean’s Rest in an Atlantean Ruin strongly hinted to be connected to Poseidon and/or Charybdis.
Late 20Y5: Leads the doomed expedition to Ocean’s Rest, where she is later found by a Bayne Co. Research Vessel sent to investigate a strange SOS signal.


So my replacement for Katherine Worron is here! Her History is blank for now so I can focus more heavily of my more indeed bio's and events.
She is an anthropologist/Archaeologist who studies the effects of enigma on human cultures and if it had any effect on mythology or the like. I opted away from the Kaijuology route this time and focused more on the other sciences that may be effect by such advent of Enigma and Giant Monsters.

Design Wise, I opted for a more traditional 50's explorer look, as the "Safari Girl" design is one of my favorites.

And yes, she is adapted from one of my older original characters...whose "canon" and origin story STILL will not be known to you guys
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