Styx Reference Sheet Picture

Edit: [link] to a closer look at the ghouls.


Dreary colors for a dreary underworld dweller…until recently that is.

This is early, but since I finished it I see no reason not to post it. I don’t expect to have the intro done anytime soon though. I have a lot of time that I plan to take full advantage of.

The more time a soul spends swimming in the river Styx, the more they tend to lose their features; hence the different types of ghouls Styx summons (and everything in between).

A common issue with mythology: characters aren’t exactly set in stone. Not a real problem for the tournament, if anything it’s more interesting for people to be able to pick and choose certain aspects to personalize a character.
There were a few different versions of the whole ‘break a promise sworn under Styx’ gimmick. I chose the one I did for simplicity’s sake. And even though there’s a chance that something so exact won’t fit in too many times (or maybe not at all), I just found it too neat and it’s tied too tightly to her whole being not to mention it.

Another cool mythological fact about Styx is she owns a palace down in the underworld set apart from other Gods and Goddesses. She’s a widow and mother, buuuut exactly who she’s a mother to is also up to some debate. Sometimes Demeter can be replaced with Styx or vise versa (even with the lack of similarities) when it comes to who mothered Persephone with Zeus.

How I interpret it is Styx could be seen as a mother figure to Persephone, the two bonding while she’s adapting to the underworld. Another interesting twist, Styx was among the large group of Goddesses frolicking with Persephone when she was abducted by Hades. I also don’t think there’s too much question to Styx’s adoration with Zeus; which also brings up the deal with her alliance. The official answer would be anti-Corinne, but following Zeus appears to be set in so deeply with her character that I just had to make a point of it. Not what you’d expect from an underworld Goddess. (How dramatic would it be if she was paired against him?)

So, hopefully I make it in. I really love the idea and all.

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