Bully OC: Alice Steel Picture

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Full Name [& Pronunciation] - Alice Steele
Meaning - Of A Noble Kin
Set Age 15
Certified Birthdate - 11/21/97
Astrological Sign - Sagittarius
Chinese Zodiac - Dragon
Gender - Girl


Distant Descendants : Polish

Dominant Descendants : Native American

Physical Description

Hair Color - Blonde
Eye Color - Blue
Weight – 150 lbs
Height - 6' "50
Typical Clothing Wear :
School Days: Wears Bullworth Vest, Alice had a friend sew her Skirt into a Skort since she doesn't trust guys in the school. She wears gloves to cover her scars
(More outfits coming soon.)
Figure/Build - Rugged

Distinguishing Features/Scars/ or Birthmarks – Rope burn on both hands, bruise on her left shoulder, Scars and scratches on her back.

Explain: When Alice's mother and father died, Alice was sent to an orphanage. Alice's first foster home was the worst! Her foster mother died from a heart diease, which left Alice with her foster father who was an acoholic who raped (explaining her rope burns) and abused her.

Tattoos: Plans to get a Tiger tattoo soon
Frequently Worn Jewelry: Her mother's necklace

Personal Information

Current Living Arrangements - BullWorth Academy
Originated from - Buffalo, New York
Traveled Territories - 2 different states for foster homes, one for Bullworth
Hobbies - Draws, beats up the jackass bullies like Davis, hanging out, Graffiting
Fears – Suffers Nosocomephobia (Fear of Hospitals) Due to going to the hospital after her first foster father, She's also afraid of her and her friends, getting harmed like she was a child

Health Behaviors

Physical Ailments/ Disabilities/ Issues – She was abused so she can be violent, luckily she's still sane about it. (As in she doesn't want to kill everyone and everything for kicks)
Addiction(s) [Sex, Drugs, Smoking, Alcohol, Other]
Why?: Just getting into fights due to her past and smokes cigarettes every once in awhile

Chronological Information

Profession - Bullworth Student by School days, Every other Saturday she works at the ticket booth at the town Carnival
Likes - Bean Soda, Beating up bullies (expect Jim), Action-packed Anime, Drawing, Her cat Raven, Burgers, apples
Dislikes - Assholes, Math class, TOO much homework, People dissing on her art or art tastes
Goals/Ambitions – Wants to Be an famous artist

Most Instructive/Painful/Memorable Experience - Her First Foster father abused her physicaly and Sexually.

Story behind experience: Alice's parents were good people, Her father was a soilder while her mother was a Nurse. When Alice was only a year old her father was killed overseas. When Alice was three her mother died from Breast Cancer, which sent Alice to an orphanage. Alice's first foster home was the worst! Her foster mother died from a car accident, which left Alice with her foster father who was an acoholic who raped and abused her. By the time Social workers got to her, the father was gone leaving Alice tied to the bed in her own filth. Ever since Alice has become a violent girl when her lines are pulled.

Weapons/Equipments - Sling-shot, marbles, stink-bombs, baseball bat, Her fists/feet

Personality - Pretty timid but is nice when she gets used to someone, despite her bad behavior she's still a good person, Tomboy,
Strengths - Her art and passion towards friends
Weaknesses - Her past
Good Habits - Tries to be good for her Uncle, She's pretty confident about herself, protecting the innocent (her friend Wendy and a couple of nerds) and creativty
Bad Habits - Get into fights
Stereotype - Guys
As you know them better(and you like them) : She is a nice person and she can protect you (depending if you're strong enough or whatever)
As you know them better(and you hate them) : Knowing about her past and her bad habits

Bullworth Academy Information

Reason for enrolling: Her Uncle is the Headmaster so he entered her in.
Standing and Rank in Social Circle - She's her own kind of rank
Room Number – 231
Roommate(s)- Wendy
Favorite Subject(s)- Art and Chemeristary
Least Favorite Subject(s)Math
(Unknown about her fav and least fav teachers
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