ToW Lunch Together Picture

Kanonno: Let's go eat together
Kira thoughts: I think... she's hitting on me.
She does know I'm a girl, right?
Mormo: What about me?
I'm hungry too.

Okay, so I'm completely in love with Tales of the World: Radient Mythology right now. Love the whole, make your own chatacter bit, very cool.

One of my fav scenes in the game is just after you defeat the Devourer underling in the Mine, you're talkin with Garr and Philia... or more precisely, Mormo is talking with them (Ya don't exactly say much, ever). All of a sudden Kanonno shows up and takes you to lunch, leaving a whining Mormo behind.

I figure I like this one so much I'll color it in the next day or two, depending on what happens around here.
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