The Minotaur Picture

Currently im doing a degree in Fine Art at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design in Dundee, Scotland. For my course, we are asked to explore anything of our choosing as the course is completely open. This piece of work is from my 3rd year at the university. It is about the idea of escapism from the modern and hectic world that we are currently living in. The piece reflects my desire to escape into a fantasy world where the clouds are idealised and my figure or physical appearence can take the form of anything desired. My keen influence in Greek mythology at a young age made me want to be a mythical beast when I was a child and it is this age of being a child again - that I wish to return to. Life was always simpler then.

The main influences in this piece were Rene Magritte with his fantastic displacment technique and also Matthew Barney for his highly realistic interpretations of fantasy and and weird imagery in his infamous series of work: The Cremaster Cycle
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