Magic Jammer Picture

Five years later I finally upload after personal things/being lazy/losing glasses/being sick.

CONCEPT FOR A SPECIFIC WYVERN OF MINE YAAAY. I’ve been wanting to draw a wyvern for a while. I’m also learning how much wings hate me but this gives me practice so HAH.

I’m thinking of a name for her, but as a joke her nick name right now is skittles.

In the universe line she’s from she’s considered a magic jammer. Magic jammer dragons are blessed by a mage when they are still an egg. They’re not something that is naturally born into the world. High mages will typically bless an egg they find worthy/think will be a good dragon in their life based on different things. It’s a joke that the mage who does this is absent minded because they bless them and walk away, not taking care of the egg themselves ones it hatches.

Magic jammers are used against other dragons to do just what their name says. These types of dragons are used by riders during wars or to train unruly dragons.

Dragons are always sentient talking creatures in my worlds. But when talking doesn’t work fighting breaks out go figure. Typically jammers can only focus on one dragon, not a whole load of them. The jammer’s abilities work like a barrier, they don’t have to do anything, just focus while attacking the other dragon and suddenly the enemy is like WTF. Jammers are far and few between and if an enemy finds out about one they’re killed off. They don’t often if at all make themselves known for that reason. And even when used in wars they don’t make themselves obvious.

I was trying to work on her when I lost my glasses, that made coloring superhard.

ANYWAY this girleh resides with me.

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