Sailor Heckatay Picture

"Sailor Heckatay, Soldier of Magic, The Witch-warrior, member of the Star Warriors, the Lady Mysteria."

As stated before, many Senshi of the Star Warriors base their titles and names from a wide range of diversities. Mythological figures, locations, ideologies, historical figures, anything can be used within the Star Warriors to assume a new title, even your own name. And that is what a band of young women did, choosing their names as their new Senshi titles.

Heckatay was simply a young girl living normally in her hometown, until she discovered in her adolescent years that she was gifted. She possessed a unique sense and ability to use and control magic. She was, in other words, a witch. Armed with this knowledge, Heckatay decided to further develop her newfound ability, and assuming the life of a hermit, she traveled the world of her birth in search of masters of magic and ancient lore. She attended schools and academies, both secret and public, that were centers of magic. Each year saw her grow more and more prodigious with her skill, Heckatay becoming a highly accomplished witch.

Now at the age of 33, Heckatay has proven to become a highly adept witch, herbalist, sorceress, foreteller, astrologer, alchemist, elemental mage, archivist, and librarian. She maintains her own private sanctum that is replete with years worth of accumulated knowledge and a plentiful supply of herbs, potions, and other such equipment. However, this was no power-mad witch driven by an insatiable lust for knowledge and power. Heckatay has traveled the cosmos to aid the needy with her magic. She has helped many unfortunates, providing spells, potions, and even her own services to help those in need.

It wasn't long until the Star Warriors took notice of this wandering witch. The recruiters of the Star Warriors were able to meet up with her and discovered a highly adept woman before them, her knowledge and witchcraft unrivaled by any save a few. Such a woman would make an ideal Senshi, and so the recruiters, all of them Senshi, told Heckatay the purpose of their visit and their offer. Heckatay was piqued, for she knew the Star Warriors to be highly adept magic-users as well as master warriors. Seeing the opportunities before her, Heckatay accepted their offer without second thought.

She wasn't to be disappointed; the Star Warriors did indeed have much to offer. She absorbed all her instructors taught her and much, much more. Heckatay proved equally adept in hand-to-hand fighting and incorporated that into her skill set, making her an able fighter as well as a master witch. Now, years later, her training is complete, and she is now a fully-fledged Senshi, a Star Warrior. Sailor Heckatay is undoubtedly one of the best Sailor Warriors the order has, a capable warrior but a master-level expert with her witchcraft and vast library of knowledge.

Weapons and Items

Star and crescent moon brooch- her main Transformation Item, Heckatay utters an unintelligible incantation and ethereal light runs over her, transforming her into her Senshi identity.

Wand- her witch's wand, made from oak and lined with rare unicorn's hair, is her principal weapon and Attack Item. Since her induction into the Star Warriors, Heckatay has added to her wand, incorporating a barbed hook on its haft lined with poisonous venom, which doubles the wand as a makeshift stabbing weapon.

Broomstick- her primary method of transportation, Heckatay has since added a silver spike laden with spells and enchantments deadly to supernatural deities, including daemons and other such dark creatures.

Scrolls and books- her greatest weapon is her repository of knowledge. Heckatay is never seen anywhere without a spellbook and several parchments laden with ancient lore. Her knowledge is invaluable to all who fight beside her.

Short saber- because of her training with the Star Warriors, Heckatay is now a capable warrior in addition to being a witch. She has a saber which is enchanted to be nigh-unbreakable. Heckatay isn't a bad swordsman, either.

Bolt pistol- she also wields a firearm which is also enchanted to never jam and to fire enchanted bolts. Likewise, Heckatay is an average marksman, able to get most of her shots in.

Known attacks

There aren't any known attacks Heckatay possesses, but her many incantations, spells, enchantments, and hexes are more than enough to keep any of her foes down.

Once more I'm starting this up again.

A couple years ago, back when I was a newbie, I met a great artist and photographer who had a series of women with magical abilities. Called the Mage series, it impressed me and I requested permission from the artist to make my own version. Given permission, I did a whole series of her Mages in my own image and then made them again in a second set.

Now I commence a third iteration. This is the second.

As always, credit goes to terranada. She is now known, however, as

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