Hinirang - main characters Picture

OMIGOSH! I seriously failed this one o.O. I really suck at couple/group drawings =.=. I wish I can re-do this one, but I figured if I did, I'll just end up erasing the whole thing =^=. Anyways, this are the main chara.s in my (mini) komiks called "Hinirang.

From left to right:

Iskas, Juan, Meleya, Wanag(more commonly know as Olivia).

I know, i suck at naming xD. But I pick those name(actually, came up and edit) those names because... Well. to be original? (I know Olivia is not original).Iskas is actually "Saksi"(witness) spelt backwards. He is the Hinirang of the Mayari(the moon goddess) clan. Juan(the offering of Bathala).. Well, you know Juan De la Cruz? The one that represents the Filipino people? Well, I got that from him xD. Meleya(the Hinirang of the Tala(goddess of the stars) clan), I just edited the word "Malaya"(free). Wanag(The Hinirang of the Apolaki(God of the Sun and war), well I just took out the "li-" in "Liwanag"(light). She is most commonly know as Olivia because.. Well, You'll find out soon xD!

Anyways, Hope you like it ^^!
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