All Greek to Meh Picture

A comic made in high-school, this is my odd take on Greek Myth.

Here, Hades isn't the bad guy, at all. Despite popular modern depiction, apparently he was decent compared other Greek Gods... ESPECIALLY Zeus. So here, he's a somewhat misunderstood, level-headed and aloof sort of guy who's doing his best to keep things from going chaotic. In my version, he took up his position as lord of the dead because he felt he was the most responsible one... and feared what would happened if Zeus took the position first and ran amok with it.

For some reason, I made Athena "Uncle" Hades' pupil because she needed some sort of responsible father figure and mentor before she can be a proper War Goddess. Again, because Zeus is unreliable.

And the girl asking Hades is Persephone. I'll let you think over what that means for her, or at least do some research or something. She's likely the least accurate character here, though...

Not Pictured: Pandora, who is of the "dumb blonde" stereotype in my interpretation. No offense to blondes, of course.
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