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Welcome Sweetheart! What can I do for you?

Label: Miniweight - Lightweight

Meet MiraMora, the queen of all merchants! A fun little character. I've actually had this drawn for a while, but I forgot to upload. Whoops!

MiraMora is the center of all that is market. She's famous through the entire Arkaan for her ability to get abselutely anything the hard could possibly desire - and of course, her high prizes.

MiraMora is of a mysterious bloodline of merchants. They're all girls, and never get married. Once they get pregnant, they walk out into the frozen wastelands to give birth, and dissapear mysteriously, leaving the baby behind for the villagers to pick up. They have and allways had a huge talent for marketing and seduction - sometimes mixed.

MiraMora herself is a silly, lifehappy but adult woman. She's calm but very womanly stereotypical (prettyness, nicknames such as "sweetheart" or "honey", squealing and the love for cute things). While that might seem annoying when you first meet her, you'll find that MiraMora is possibly one of the nicest friends you can get. She speaks with a soft voice, though her tone is as lively as a wild horse, and constantly plays around dramaticly - as were she in a movie or a play. She's a real feminen woman, vein and with a very female personality. She loves physical contact (mostly hugs and such) and likes most people. She’s a loving figure, in general, and speaks very personally with you, often in such a natural thing that most people will converse normally with her too.
As a very feminen woman, she also loves cute things. And can, quite literally, be found squealing and hugging such things (not chokingly, but hugging none the less. In male cases, boob-face-squishing can occur). She has a rather fun preseption of cute, however. Of course, the normal cute things count, however big monstrous beasties and some men are abselutely adorable to her. (Cute Males: Shy guys, virgins, older virgins, quiet guys, prideful <strike>idiots</strike> men/samurai types, and some types of jerks and egotrippers. If you show any of these traits, prepare to get huggled in a squealing manner. Even if you don’t, hugs are likely to occur if she finds you trustable.) Not hugging her could have scary consequences. Rumors goes that she ate a man’s face once for not hugging her. She likes to enjoy life, and would like for people to enjoy people with her. If they dont, well, she wont mind (note how she finds some jerks cute).
Once you get close to her (can happen under a minute. She loves making friends and business contacts and rarely seperates the two, so even if you’re only there in errands, you could end up amongst her large range of friends.), she can be a rather motherly and lovable (and loving) figure that likes to make sure you’re feeling well. You can entrust her most things and she’ll give you advice (mostly) for free.
Other than her womanly and motherly tendencies, she is a very sensuel character. She can quickly appeal to your sexuality without even saying anything dirty, and likes to tease you once in a while (WHO CARES ABOUT GENDER?) though not in a slutty manner. Once in a while, she’ll also throw in a sexual remark when you least expect it, in order to throw you off (puzzled or baffled guys are so cute.)
She doesn’t find sex very personal, as much as a pleasurable thing, but she’ll respect people’s limits (somewhat) and ain’t one to molest/jump/rape someone. Goodness no, most people don’t like huggling her when she does.

MiraMora the Merchant
Though she’s mostly a calm figure, there’s one thing that can excite her so the life will shine and the eyes will flame: Money.
Money, marketing, trading, anything along the eyes can get her excited, and is her passion in life. Worst part is: She’s good at it too. Though her usual silly-warm-calm self seems very stereotypicly womanly – and maybe not the most intelligent person in the world – she’s cunning as a fox and a hard dealer.
MiraMora can get you practicly anything. Meat, clothing, books, ammunition, giant pink-spotted elephants, whatever the hell you abselutely NEED. When you buy something from her (items, info, whatever), she will state a price. This price will usually be horribly over-priced, even for the circumstances, and you can either choose to simply buy it for that price or try to bargain with her.
BE CAREFUL THOUGH! MiraMora is an expert at bargaining, and if you’re not on your toes, you could end out paying over ten times as much as the original price! Rumor goes she even made someone pay over TWENTY times the original price! Once you have purcased something you can leave or stay and chat. However, if it’s something she has to order home, you will be offered a place to stay (free but temporarily) until you get your order.
The price is rather flexible though. If you can’t pay for the amount, you could pay the rest off in
a) sex/being a lover for a temporary amount of time (only for minor amounts of money needed) or
b) favors (most common and most dangerous).
These favors will often involve a smaller row of deliveries, less deliveries but further away, or working as her bodyguard. Give her half a chance, though, and you’ll be caught up in her business world as one of her many contacts, and keep some favors to “decide on later” in order to keep you in dept, should she ever need it.

The MiraMora merchandise
MiraMora's store, seated in the center or MoriMara, a circular, town sized, marketing district in the capital. It's only a small cottage, surrounded by a huge, round piece of empty street, with the rock in the ground polished and shaped like a giant coin, decorated with ingravings telling about the mysterious Eenai (not to be confused with the Aarkanai). When entering the cottage, you'd find that there's only óne room, and that's the store. Only store.
Where MiraMora lives - because she lives in her shop, don't be fooled - is a bit of a semi-mystery to anyone but her closest and the most well informed. The secret is that below the counter, there is a door in the floor that lead you down to some well-lit (and surprisingly, not creepy or scary) stairs, that will take you down to her REAL house. A maze of halls, decorated with wall-carvings telling stories of the Aarkanai, empress sumari, and the local guardian demon. And of course, depicting the former members of the Mora family.
Expencive potteries, small statues and all sorta of artistic treasure's (thuogh none in golde, silver, diamonds, etc) fill the walls, as well as fluffy pillows being thrown just about everywhere and a long, blue/purple carpet stretching down through all the halls. A special door, will take you into MiraMora's room - a huge dimly-litted room with giant silk and velvet pillows everywhere, each big enough to hold some three persons on them. Smaller pillows lie around ontop of them, and thin silk velvets of see-thruogh material hangs from the roof and walls. Here and there, miniature columns poke up, holding water in bowl-like carvings into them. Gently smoking incense sticks poke up from these. Other column bowls holds gold, silver (amongst other expencive metals) and diamonds.
Riches are spread out everywhere across the room.
MiraMora can often be found in this room, when she's not in the shop or out on business errands. Sleeping can pretty much be done anywhere in thise room (amongst other bed-things~)
In MiraMora's entire home below her shop, sweet scents and incense fills the air. They have a strange, calming effect and often makes you feel good after a short while. They're relaxing and makes you more sensitive to pleasant feelings and pretty much kills all worry and suspicion.
Some of the scents she got around her house are of the type that dulls or calms the human mind. Why?
a) she'll easier get moneh out of them
b) assasins will have a slightly harder time
c) people are easy to seduct
d) They smell nice
e) she's immune
they may have a slight drug-like effect on some. No flippy colours or drug trips, though, just severe mind-dulling.

MiraMora and the politics
MiraMora is a vital keypoint in all market going on in Arkaan, and as a result, an important political point. Due to her abilities of somehow being able to get just about anything, she’s also called to the palace rather often, in order to get them something special.
Strangely, MiraMora isn’t very well-seen amongst the imperials. They don’t look kindly upon people showering themself in wealth, seeming some parts of Arkaan can get kinda corrupt. As a result, she’s had some "encounters" with the local authorities in the past, as well as dealt with a few assasin attacks – both the kind hired by political scumbags, and one or two from “The Order”. She has a special way of dealing with this, however.
As I mentioned earlier; when you market with her, you can pay in diferent ways: money, sex or favors. On the favor part, she will often ask warriors to be her bodyguards for a short period of time. THEY get whatever they want, perhabs some of the sweetest equipment possible, IN RETURN they keep assasins off her.
There will usually be some five warriors at a time, in order to keep secret assasins from the job. During this time, the warriors will practicly follow her everwhere, invluding to her home. They will also be given a special drink that keeps the drugs in her sweet scents at bay.You will not be told how they’re made or get to keep any of this after service.

MiraMora and the Eenai
The Eenai is another mythological creature of Arkaan, that might be more than a bunch of faerietales. It was mostly only been seen as a shadow, but it appears as the shadow of a woman with multiple bat-reminding wings. The shadow usually lurks around the capital and MoriMara, but has at rare occassions been spotted elsewhere in Arkaan. The Eenai doesn’t do anything at all, and – unlike the Aarkanai – dissapears when approached. The local merchants sees it as a guardian, and sees the wingsign as good luck (You might notice the multiple wings portreyed on a few shops around). The Mora family were allways the ones to make sure the Eenai had a pleasant home in the coin-structure around MiraMora’s home. They believe the Eenai lives within the carved pictures in the coin, and the Mora family makes sure to keep the coin-structure nice and clean (usually by hirering people to do so, but they pay for it and chek it up), and are seen as the closest connection between the humans and the Eenai. When the Eenai first occured or when the Mora family got this connection to it/her, is unknown. Mysterious, isn’t it?

The Money song
I’m a bitch I’m a lover

- MiraMora might teach some of her closest friends the arts of bargaining and maybe even seduction. She has a small group of people she has taught, spread throughout Arkaan. Treck is one of these friends.
- MiraMora is the secret rival of Alice. They compete for the title as sexiest woman in Arkaan.
- MiraMora gets much of the meat for the emperor’s meals.
- Apart from the emperor himself, MiraMora is perhabs the wealthiest person in Arkaan - And the intends to to keep that title.
- MoriMara was named after the Mora family.
- MiraMora couldn’t fight to save her life – literally – hench why she hires bodyguards.
- MiraMora is, surprisingly, never seen eating (unless she’s teasing someone sexually with it).
- Her tribal tatoos are, indeed, money signs. However, these money signs were lost during the apocalypse, and no one knows they're money signs anymore. Mysterious.
- MiraMora uses names like "sweetheart" and "honey" all the time.
- MiraMora calls herself Mira when she talks to herself or in third person abtuo herself (WE ALL DO ONCE IN A WHILE, SHE DOESN'T DO IT ANYMORE THAN ANYONE ELSE), though, sometimes people could've sworn she said "Shamira" instead. Probably just a studder, right?
- You will be punished if you do not accept the huggles. Not accepting huggles is unforgivable. You will regret is deeply if you do not accept the huggles.

MiraMora (c) me
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