early MANLY birthday sketch Picture

This is a few days early because tomorrow I have no idea if I'll be able to draw. Hope you don't mind this being all sketchtastic. Happy early birthday, Luv!

1. Popeye, in case it's vague.

4. This year's Nathans was weird. Unfortunately I didn't see it, as I was picking wild raspberries at High Rocks. Kobayashi-san got arrested and Mr. Chestnut ate far less than usual and still won. Until David got there and stole his title, that is.

5. Don't ask me how or why Jewel is tagging the sky.

7. My favorite panel. He's a schoolteacher but sitting behind a desk just isn't manly enough. There must be violence and stick figures lying on the floor!

8. Obligatory mythology reference bypassed in favor or SQUASHINGS.

9. Manly men need time off too.

10. Lookit me I putz with the English language! AND put the dude who put Chaunce in a dress, in a dress! Ha HAAH!
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