Morrigan Picture

Morrigan is my Proxy OC. She is a proxy of Slenderman, and is progressively unstable due to Slenderman being interrupted while he was turning Morrigan into a Proxy. Unlike most Proxies (at least, my interpretation), Morrigan doesn't change from human to proxy and vice versa unaided. Named after a Celtic death goddess, Morrigan is mainly used as an assassin with an unfortunate habit of 'playing' with her victims. In both human and Proxy forms, all animals but crows and ravens shun her (the Morrigan of Celtic mythology could turn into a crow).

I came up with Morrigan after my mom let me use the tree clipping shears for the first time. I was wearing a grey tank-top, jeans that were held up by a belt, and garden gloves. Why does that sound familiar..?

EDIT: For some reason the bottom of her feet and shears are cut off. I can't figure out how to fix it, and I don't feel like working at it right now.
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