PNTM OC: Lilith Roskwell Picture

Name: Lilith Roskwell

Age: 7

Alternate Name: Koakuma (Japanese for goblin or little devil/demon)

Alignment: None

Occupation: ~ ex school girl/ serial killer / mass murder

Power: Disclosed

Weapon(s): Her parasol. Which also doubles as a sword, toxic gas dispenser, a skewer, and a shield among other things.

Personality: She speaks very proper for a 7 year old. Saying things like rudimentary, plethora, incompetence… etc. She never says hello, always “greetings” or “pleasure is all mine” Never goodbye instead “Farewell”

She is a very cute child but creepy at the same time, she uses her cuteness to her advantage and gets close to her victims to kill them in the end.

History: Not much history here. She had a family, a brother. One day she just came home and kill them all. Her brother got away though.

Fun Facts: Her name is based from the mythological figure Lilith who represents the element of wind and governs illness, disease, and death.

Her brother’s name is Rosco Roskwell (who I will draw later) He is 13 years old.

~ Not much told in this so I hope that's ok. I don't want to reveal too much it's still a secret~

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