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Crom131 Present's Enki The elder One for M4
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Enki the Elder one For M4
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Fundamental to anything regarding the Sumerians are their gods and goddesses, whom as a group they called the Anunnaki (literally, “those who from heaven to earth came”).
As in any later pantheon, the Anunnaki consisted of several very different personalities, that clashed with one another often and in an enormous variety of ways.
Enki is one of the oldest of the Gods known to humanity, dating back over 12,000 years ago in the first human civilizations of ancient Sumeria, which was spoken in southern Mesopotamia.
Enki was known to be the leader of a group of Gods known as the Anunnaki similar to the Hebrew Elohim who confounded man in the Tower of Babel epic, The Anunnaki
who came to Ki the Sumerian name for earth, Came to harvest the raw Materials of Ki but once the work started the task at hand was time consuming and the Anunnaki needed workers
to achieve their goal, humanity was said to have been ape like beings at the time of the Gathering by the Anunnaki, Enki with the help of another Anunnaki called Ninti
had reached a stage, where genetic manipulation was sufficiently perfected, to enable the determination of the resulting Proto-apes new body's "good" or "bad" aspects, the two felt
they could master the final challenge.
The Grand arrivals of Enki and the Anunnaki , offering knowledge and guidance as watchers first but after Enki recreated proto man.The idea of the Devil was a blanket concept used to
group many old gods together as being antagonistic towards humanity's development, the Anunnaki created this concept and used it, close study of history and mythology
one sees that Enki can be Correlated to have been known as Lucifer - the Morning Star
Melek Ta'us, the Goat footed one, But in Sumeria He was known as Enki - Master of the Earth, Ea - Bringer of Knowledge in Egypt as Ptah - The Creator and in many other cultures branching from Celtic,
Nordic and Greek all the way back to the original human settlements. In reality, Enki appears as a man like any human being, with a few differences due to his evolutionary process
and biological modifications made to keep him and the other gods living longer. After all we were created with the help of the Gods' genetic code.

Within This Package: You can leave the Enki elder one for M4 at normal M4 size which is known by not appling size Injection, with size injection applied you get the God size that can add more
to the God being in look for your renders a custom body morph called Enki body I made that gives him that Biological modification look in the lower body, This injection
has only been made for The M4 & H4 base body.
*note (if mixing with other third party M4 Head morphs you should use magnets to get the look you want just right in the neck region of the M4 base).
One Normal non-modification body called Elder one body to be used for makeing the lower Godlings known as the Anunnaki, One Gen Fix for M4,
Three body mat injections, Three gen mat Injections, Four smartprop eye mat injections
two smartprop eyes one set for M4 and another for H4,
that are custom fit eyes that are smartproped to head, Nine full body poses to show off the God like stature.
one Face fix injects for internal face that works as well to fix any pose static that commonly happens with some body poses from third party poses.

all morphs were made in Z-Brush 4 and corrected in C4D
Important compatiblity statement:
M4 Morphs+++ Not Required
Poser 4 and Up and has been tested in Poser 2012
certain extreme facial expressions will need tweaking in upper jaw
and lower jaw X and Z traslation so the Figure teeth do not pop through the
bottom lip or upper lip. but I added a face fix and it works well.

*This product is ment to be used with M4 base and
can be used with H4 base figure.
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