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"In Greek mythology, Prometheus (Ancient Greek, Προμηθεύς, "forethought") is the Titan chiefly honored for stealing fire from the gods in the stalk of a fennel plant and giving it to mortals for their use. He is depicted as an intelligent and cunning figure who had sympathy for humanity. To this day, the term promethean refers to events or people of great creativity, intellect and boldness, emulating Prometheus." - In Wikipedia.

This is the story of what happened when a "private organization" attempted to become gods themselfs.
First page of my very first (serious) manga ever.
Experimental is the keyword here, literally... I just had an idea for a story, and really wanted to do a quick manga with "character"... Yes, it's sketchy..I feel it adds character, and keeps me from getting bored and quitting halfway.

Eitherways, I hope you enjoy it, this is just page 1, more to come soon.

Needless to say: Fullview... Or you won't be able to read the fine print.... muaha...

Project Prometheus - Page 2

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