Request- Disney Bros Picture

Whoo! Finally finished! Well, except for colour, but I think that can wait for a bit...

So for Christmas, two of my dear friend's requested I draw the three of us all disney-like. And here's my attempt. ><

So, it's my bro Jenny, Me, and my other bro, Marissa. In that order, from right to left. Wouldn't have put me in there, but, eh, part of the package, so... Yep. And yeah, I'm missing my glasses, but I mean... Dapper rogues just don't wear glasses, so...

I figured I should pick stories for 'em, so Jenny is like, the Princess and the Pea (since she always has trouble sleeping) and Marissa is Persephone from Greek mythology (because she's all nature-ie and pure. mostly.)

As for me... Eh. Prince and the Pauper, maybe? Whatever.

I love you guys. You make my life an adventure! Merry late Christmas!

Art is mine, characters are... Well, real people. <<
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