Jormungandr Tattoo Picture

This is a tattoo of Jormungandr aka the World Serpent aka the Midgard Serpent. He's a figure in Norse mythology. It's said that he's so large that he can wrap around the world and put his tail in his mouth. When he let's go, the world will end.

I drew him as a more draconic serpent, mostly because I prefer dragons and until I looked it up, I forgot that he usually has his tail in his mouth. Oh well, you can all easily tell he could put his tail in his mouth if he wanted to. And about the map of part of the world, I know it's very bad. It's an example of the types of maps my history teacher would doodle for us when he wanted to show something xD It's also a prime example of my laziness since I didn't put too much effort into the continents.

For those of you who care about my supplies, I used a thin-point sharpie for Jormungandr and regular markers for the earth.

Jormungandr belongs to the Norse.
Tattoo (c) me
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