Bloodsucker Picture

I been reading Twilight again(FUCK YOU! I like it) and it inspired me... and I had an idea to make a vampire story. And I'm still doing that, mind you, but there is a bit more to this than you may think.

I brought the idea up with friends and bounced some ideas, and the idea to use a Draugr came up instead of just a vampire. What are Draugr? Well Skyrim used them and a lot of people do play Skyrim, so most people know that a Draugr is a undead figure from Viking, that is Norse, Mythology. It could be shrugged off as just a run-of-the-mill Zombie figure, but truth be told, there is more too it.

Draugr are haunting undead creatures, who are restless corpses that refuse to move on. They're like ghosts in this manner. They have unfinished business or died a abrupt death and refuse to move on. They're much more sentient than a basic zombie. They go out of their way to hunt people with no reason other than to simply kill. They don't "need" to eat people or anything, they are just violent cause they are angry in general, guarding treasure or haunting someone cause that person did them wrong.
They can also increase their physical size, become wisps of smoke and swim through rock. They kill people in numerous, awful ways and they can even make other Draugr out of the living.

They're sorta ambiguous in their identity and what they can do. They don't have set rules like Vampires or Werewolves which have lots of strange rules of their creation, living and death. I can list a lot of ideas, but less on that.

So I wanted to basically do a sorta horror story, or something based around a vampire figure... While I am using a Draugr, I think the world I will put it in will have a lot of various undead creatures which are vampire-like. Just some are different... but the idea of Restless Undead sounds intriguing and I want to try something.

So why is the Draugr above so human looking? Draugr are suppose to look hideous, right? Well, yes... but what if they look more human because they prey on humans? Its sorta like Elder Scrolls. If your a vampire in Elder Scrolls, you look very human when well fed.. but if you need to feed, then you look more like a monster.
Why else even feed on humans in the first place? I want reasons as to why. Simple, basic reasons, but those reasons also go deep as to why.

Its not Terra related or anything. Its a stand alone sort of story I wanna do just for fun and self challenge. I'll post it all the same just cause I wanna see what some of you say too.

when? I don't know. I still gotta think of a name for this guy anyway.
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