AS - Theo Scarlet Picture

Name: Theo William

Age: 17

Species: Darkness Youkai

Primary Power: Manipulation of Darkness

Secondary Power(s): Soul Damage ( It's more or less direct attacks to the soul, rather then the physical body)

Dorm: Terrestrial Terrace ( he intends to use his powers in a neutral manner, helping out where it is needed in nature.)

Description: Theo tends not to socialize. Not for lack of trying...few people really want to talk to a walking glob of darkness, really. He has little interaction as a result. One can say, however, his disposition leaves him in an anything but sunny demeanor. He tends to be a bit on the down sides at most times. He has bags under his eyes from his odd sleep habits. (when it's dark day and start forgetting when to sleep and when to wake) and he is near pale as a dead man from the utter lack of sun.

History: Theo was born to his youkai parents more out of more out of random chance then anything. As youkai aren't really 'stern' or 'caring' parents most times, they more or less left him as soon as they could, and left each other. Since then, Theo has been on his own...He's never had many problems getting clothes or food, considering he just fetches what he needs at night. He blends in. He's never had to really pay for it either.
Still, his power is one thing he's always resented. His darkness powers seem to stalk him anywhere he goes...and in a literal manner. He is, and has always been, surrounded by a thick cloud of black, making it impossible to actually she his physical appearance. Most draw that his is a boy from his voice.
On one of his nightly excursions to get some of those 'designer labels(since he wouldn't have to pay and all) he heard some townspeople in the distance mentioning a school. This accepted demons and angels, races of various kinds...So, he figured, why not enroll? Maybe they could help him hone his powers...and perhaps not be stalked by darkness the rest of his life.

Extra: Theo actually has an earing on his left ear to seal much of his power. The earring, in reality, is actually a magical artifact. He's not really sure how much, considering he doesn't remember who put it there, and he can't touch it to take it off.

Courses List :
Fall:Writing and Literature 101
Introduction to the Elemental Arts: How to Harness Your Ability
Mathematics A (Algebra and Trigonometry)
Beginning Weapons Training
Circle of Life: The World’s Balance

Spring:Mythology and Lore 101
Music Theory 101
Statistics and Probability: Mathematics of the Modern World
Advanced Composition

Voice Clips :
ENG -Chad Cline: [link]

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