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I'm really quite proud of this girl even though she has a lot of flaws. definitely an improvement since I created her though

Senshi Name: Sailor Messier 69 or M69
Age: 24
Birthday: JULY 4TH
Sign: Cancer
Country of Origin: Germany
Resides: In Usa
Likes: mythology,being in charge of herself, philosophy, plants, singing, music, art
Dislikes: People not listening to her, authority figures, her sister, slackers, people who don't live in the real world, long silence

Has Trouble With: rivalries, her sister, keeping her emotions in check
Dream: has never settled on one, has a new one daily, and looking for her niche in the world.
Powers: rock/sound waves
Blood Type: O-


(pictured) TERRAN TURBULENCE: The earth splits and rock, metal, etc rises up circling around M69, as large glowing boulders and shoots towards where ever the attack is directed.

Siren's Shock: Sound waves Rocket toward the enemy, breaking up ground and taking objects along for the ride, much like during a sonic Boom.
A Letter From Lorelei

"Hello there,

My name is Lorelei Lee Bonifaz.
I may seem like a gruff and unapproachable person, but that is quite honestly the furthest thing from the truth. I'm a warm and caring person who would go out of my way for you but people misconstrue my quietness when I first meet them and my occasional anger outbursts.
When I first meet some one, I like to sit back and observe, People watch if you will. This allows me to determine realistically what kind of person they are, whether it be friend or foe, so I know how much I can trust them based on their interactions with others.
Once you get to know me, and have earned my trust, I love to joke around, and have a good time. I do get frustrated with others easily though, because I myself hold high standards, and I hold others to the same expectations.

Long ago, my family lived in a little town in Germany, where I was born. However at a young age my family fled due to persecution and we came to live in the united states. I don't remember much of our old home but I do miss my great grandmother who still lives there and all that she used to do with me. I hope that one day she'll be able to come over like we did, and be with us again, but she is already 98, and most of our family doesn't make it to be even 90. Right now, as far as I can tell, our family is much like any other. I live with my mother, father, two younger brothers and my younger sister Charlotte, who just so happens to be a variable senshi. Much like any family we have our differences and rivalries, but Charlotte and I have an intense rivalry, most likely due to us both being extremely strong senshi and wanting to prove our worth.

I wasn't always a beautiful sailor suited senshi though. Right before finding out that I was the lovely siren Sailor Messier 69, I was just a normal twenty four year old woman struggling to find her place in the world. Finding out that you're not only different, but that the fate of the universe rests with you and your newly found super powers is not the bombshell you expect to be dropped on you in your twenties when you're trying to find where you belong. It's taken a lot to get used to.

Don't get me wrong though, being able to control elements of both sound and earth is something I've definitely come to love. Back before I realized my powers, I enjoyed many different things. You could always find me trying to master something new that had to do with creating and using my hands. One day I'd be singing and dancing around, the next I'd be baking all sorts of recipes, and a few days later I'd be trying to sculpt and paint my way to the top. Through all of My experiences, and sometimes failed attempts at finding my niche, I've found I am a jack of many trades, but sadly a master of none.
Well, none so far! I refuse to give up on finding my place in the world and it has been one of my major motivators for improving my senshi skills, which is how I've come so far in the short time of being a senshi, by practicing religiously and with all my effort. This is one of the many reasons for the heated rivalry between Charlotte and I, and we "fight" each time we see each other, trying to see who really is the best.

Charlotte isn't the only senshi that I am familiar with however. Thanks to the senshi alliance I've met many wondrous women from around the world and throughout the universe. I don't get to interact closely with a lot of them yet, mostly because we've only met during battles against evil so far, but I'm hoping to become closer with them. I have though created some what of a "sisterhood" within the alliance and we call ourselves the "SAPPHIRE SISTERS". Our group is small and consists of myself, Messier 27 and Messier 11, because we each have a different type of sapphire as our power stone that has been incorporated into our fukus.

We "sapphire sisters" try to spend as much time together as possible, and we've even managed to all work in the same hospital, though our jobs are each very different. When we aren't working, or fighting evil, we like to transform and train our attacks for accuracy and power. We ladies aren't just about hard work and no play though! We definitely enjoy going out to movies, eating out or just lazing about watching tv or browsing the web. The important thing is being together!

As a senshi, I try to mold my life to be the epitome of the "beautiful warrior", though I do fall short surprisingly. I do get very frustrated with others, who make excuses for them selves, don't try or just seem to play the victim. I also tend to get hot headed when others try to take charge of me. It's not that I can't follow orders, because if it's necessary like in battle, or they need to inform me of something I have no qualms, but I absolutely can not stand those who have to run the show unnecessarily or just to be the big cheese. I prefer to be left to my own devices, not hovered over by a "know it all" who micro manages my every move, so my interaction with "authority figures" is a little strained, but the sapphires seem to get me and generally come to me looking for advice or leadership. It's another reason I'm not well liked so far because outsiders don't understand and only feel that I need to hold the reigns, but that's okay. Sometimes all I need is to know I myself have done the absolute best i can, and try to let off steam another way. I find the most relaxing things are simple pleasures in life. My green house is one of them. I could spend hours out there, and there's just something about humming a merry tune to your self as you dig your hands into the warm welcoming earth. I guess it's not surprising though, considering I'm the lovely siren M69, who uses earth and sound to punish evil doers. "


all of the following questions have been answered creatively in the letter above and surprisingly for the most part in order. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask!

Yellow Square Bullet Who are you? (this means who are you, not what is your name. Take a philosophical approach to this question)
Pink Square Bullet Where do you come from?
Yellow Square Bullet What are your special qualities?
Pink Square Bullet What is your civilian name? (if you have one)
Yellow Square Bullet What is your senshi name?
Pink Square Bullet What are your powers?
Yellow Square Bullet Who (in the Alliance) do you most closely interact with?
Pink Square Bullet Are you an established senshi or have you been reborn? (Were you around when the original Sloan took power)
Yellow Square Bullet How old does your species typically live to be? (Or if human, people where you're from)
Pink Square Bullet What is a typical day like where you come from?
Yellow Square Bullet Is there anything special you'd like the judges to note about this senshi? (Use this area to include relevant details about the image, senshi, etc.)

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