Jasuka Hidalgo - Naruto Verse. Fire Technique Picture

Original base by :iconBlackSweeti:

Alrighty, since I'm gonna be doing a Naruto fan fiction involving Jasuka and the other characters of Tekken, I guess its only suiting that I do a full profile on him. Here it is kiddies. I hope you like him here as much as you do here as you do in Forerunner to Chaos.

Name: Jasuka Hidalgo
Age: 12-13(part 1), 16(part 2), 18(part 3)
Height: 4'7''(part 1), 5'10''(part 2 and 3)
Weight: TBA
Blood Type: Unknown (supposedly AB, has mysterious contents in it from the Ogre Gene)
Ethnicity: New World immigrant from The Valley of The Sacred Peak (lowlands of Peru)
Tribe/Clan: Ashaninkan (one of the select tribes brought over to Ninpo for international communications and representations)
Kekki Genkai: Ogre Gene - Makes the user fire proof and able to generate heat/fire on their body. Optical transformation in the user's eye remains unknown as to what it does, but is known to provoke fear in those who look at it.
Village: Konohagakure
Family: TBA
Rank: Genin(part 1), Chunin(part 2), Anbu Black OP(part 3)
Team: Sasuke Uchiha(instructor), Jack Raymond(OC of
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