Chibified Zim-Sierra Shipping Picture

More from the insanity that is my crackship of Zim and changeling-ified Sierra from my fanfic Kingdom Crossovers! She hasn't actually APPEARED in it yet (aside from a one-shot of dubious canonicity) but I still ship them so hard. Like 'a Titan-class Imperial battleship crashing into a planet because moving out of the way is too much work' hard. Basically, she's helping him across a bridge because there's water on either side and he's scared he'll fall over, so she's got his hand, and his back. And if he falls, she'll catch him, no worries.

I'm pretty happy with Zim's look and I'm starting to think that if I drew him in this style all the time no one would notice since he's already a tiny bean-sprout midget smaller than a speck that can't be seen by a magnifying glass. Sierra, I'm less sure of; I'm still having trouble finding a definitive shade for her skin color, and my intent was to make her as big as possible without going too far in order to emphasize their size difference, and as a result the usual pear shape I try to use for her body type looks more like Leshawna than Sierra. (Granted, the 'curvy muscular giant' I use for changeling!Sierra isn't TOO close to the TDI look anyway, but I figure Sierra's curvy and big enough that it's a reasonable develoupment.) Still, it's cute, she's huge to his little and so it's all good.

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