To Hell and Back WIP Picture

Yet again I have had another idea for a comic and these are the main characters. I feel really proud out how this is coming out. . . . except for the cat, I can't do felines so well.

Well I am trying to do a real background if you can't tell, but I will have to finish it later. I am tried for I have been working on this for 3 hours.

So here is some info on the little guys.

The cat: [link]
Name Jake
Gender Male.
Bio Due to Jake's way of not running from a fight he has gotten into trouble many times. So much has that happened he has been kicked out of the clan he was in for not following orders.

Soon he started to travel on his own till he will eventually meet a traveling partner he will have for life.

Personality Hes a tough little thing that will stand and fight against everything. He may not be that strong but hes got the brains to make up for that. Hes cunning and brave, yet he lacks the some common knowledge.

In the comic ---- > Out of them all he is normal and has no abnormal abilities. But he makes up for it in battle strategies.

The one under the tree, when I saw him I could not think of anyone but Jack Spicer.. Why I do not know so his name is Jack. I may end up drawing Spicer and Jack together just for fun. [link]

Personality: He has a soft spot for small and fluffy things, so when Jake and him meet he can't help but help him out. Still working on him a little though.

Ability: Dreams walking - when anyone is a sleep he can inter their dreams and gather information or even kill them. For what ever happens in the dreams he inters happens to you in the waking world.
He is also an expert fighter, he has to be with an ability that only works when others slumber.

He ends up becoming Jake guardian.

The only fox of the bunch who is climbing the Japaneses statue. [link]

Edit--- ARG Forgot some markings and her dog tags. >< --- end edit.

Name: Kari, is of Old Norse origin, and its meaning is "puff of wind; curly hair". Mythology name that is also used for someone with curls.

Gender: Female (almost went male)
Personality: Normally she is calm and pensive lie the wind and ocean. Yet provoke her she can turn just as fast and as strong as a storm at sea.

Short Bio: During times of relaxing one can find her on a rock staring at the sky whether its night or day. Or listening to others about anything from history to gossip.

But don't think that she just drifts through life, for she has an important job. Ether she is guiding someone on the path off life, good or bad, she can be found patrolling the borders of life and death, dark and light.

Her ability's are water and wind. The necklaces is really a dog tag of the first person she lead and feels scared and lonely with out it. As its a reminder she may not always be helping the person, but at least she gives the person a chance and its up to them to take it or fight their fate.

Ability: Already stated but Air and water.

Last one in the background is a hell hound. [link]
-I have yet to figure out a name or personality. He will also be the rests enemy for awhile, not forever though.

Ability: Hell fire and reanimation of the dead for a short time. Physically he is not that strong.

Bed time for me.
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