Solo Wing Ruby Picture

Before I even start, let me just say: this post was one big huge facepalm after another.

While the Eagle looks ok and was probably the most fun plane to draw of all 4 planes I've done, everything that could have gone wrong with Ruby did, and I mean EVERYTHING.
Drawing her jacket in her current pose was a nightmare (why oh why did I think drawing her with her hands in her pockets was a good idea...), her head is slightly off-center 'cause I was too tired to correct it when I noticed (I REFUSE to do her head from scratch. Fuck. That.)... and her hair, oh my God, her goddamn hair... because I couldn't find a good reference pic at the angle I was looking for, I used her design reveal picture as the main reference and some 3 others at similar angles. 'problem was miss Rose's hair in her reveal pic wasn't the same as it appears in the series, so Ruby here ended with a hairdo that sorta combines both.
I was honestly going to try to give her hair its red shades but, when it was time to color, I was so, for the lack of a better word, demoralized that I didn't even attempt it. That would have been another nightmare by itself.

I'm more and more convinced that Monty Oum gave Ruby red shaded hair to screw with anyone attempting to color her with basic color pencils.

Somewhere out there... he's laughing at our misery... (disclaimer: he's not... or he!?........ nah. ^^)

And, on that note, I bet Hazama, Hades or whoever the Hell is the biggest mindscrew troll around was laughing at my misery as I was doing this... thing...

How and/or why did Ruby, the character with the shortest hair of Team RWBY, give me more trouble than the other 3 combined when I got to her hair!? Irony, much?


Ok, bitching section done, moving on.

The final RWBY/AC matchup is finally done and Team RWBY's leader gets the honor of closing the series. In today's post, Miss Ruby Rose, Little Red Riding Hood's badass cousin, gets her hands on one of (if not the) most famous red-painted jet in the Ace Combat series, the once-one winged F-15C Eagle of every Ace Combatant's favourite mercenary turncoat wingman, Larry "Solo Wing Pixy" Foulke, number 2 of the infamous Kings of the Round Table, Galm Team.

Now, Ruby actually had a good choice of red-painted planes, namely the Z.O.E. craft of AC2 and AC0's very own Rot Squadron, but Pixy's Eagle made the cut over the others for reasons that are as follows:

- By pairing her up with Pixy's Eagle, I made it so Ruby, the leader of Team RWBY, got the only plane that is not flown by a squadron leader, but rather by a wingman (while Weiss, Yang and Blake all got a plane flown by a squadron leader).

(this one alone is enough for me, so there
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