Furraevis Based- Skeleton Picture

Alright, installment II of the Furrævi. So after coming up with the concept, I decided I needed to at least try and make it look like an animal, and less like a cartoon, so doing something I've never done before, I began working from the ACTUAL insides, out- not just a bunch of lines and circles. Anyway, so that meant I had to choose animals to represent different bones for the fantasy creature.

For the head I wanted a round head, a straight snout, and a short wide muzzle. The best I could find to match that was the cougar, so I used that skull.

The antlers I just attached, based off an Antelope.

The neck I wanted to be long and flexible, but not too long, and I wanted it to lead to a deep and naturally puffed chest, so I used an Eagle's spine to the shoulders and sternum and folcrum. It's actually a bit dragon like in that aspect(If dragon's existed either).

For the spine in the back, I wanted a long spine that arched naturally in the middle and was also flexible. The best I could come up with was a Snow Leopard's spine along with it's ribcage, merged to fit with the Eagle's Sternum.

The forelegs I wanted to be long and straight- which is canid in nature- but I wanted the flexibility and reach of a Feline. I'm not sure if I figured out how that occours, but I used a Snow Leopard's shoulderblade attached to a Maned Wolf's legs.

The forepaws I wanted to be useable as human hands are, but not primate like- I wanted fuzzy, which is almost overwhelmingly rodent in nature, but I don't much favor the bony-ness of rodent's so I looked some more and found that Panda's sort of have a similar paw to our hand, but as they weren't fluffy enough, their close relative, the Red Panda served as my model instead.

For the hind legs, I wanted equestrian, but I wanted huge hooves. Of course, being the average person I am with my limited knowledge of horses, the first thing that popped to mind was a Clydesdale, so that's what I used. It's a side veiw including the pelvis, so it's a little weird to look at.

For the tail, all I wanted was long draping feathers, which aside from the pheonix(it's quite hard to find reliable anatomy sketches of mythological creatures- go figure) I knew the peacock had, so I drew it's tail, though I'm still not completely solid on how the feathers are attached to it.

And that's the basics. Tedius to read, wasn't it?


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